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Favorite GAMES [ * ]


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Simple question : your favorite 3 games and waiting for .. ? And what games you hate ( but why )!
Me : 1) Civilisation 3
2) Earth 2150 - and waiting for 2160 Moon Project
3) Max Payne

Hate : - >>> Counter - Strike ...


1) Secret of Mana(super nintendo)

2) Quake 3 Arena(PC)

3) Legend of Zelda: Ocrania of Time(nintendo 64)


i like games for the plot... quake has a strong background with my ideas of life... and death... more of a religious thing(i don't worship quake) its hard to explain... maybe i just play it to much


Counter-Strike - With OGC @ Times:)
Star Trek Elite Force

I'd like to play more 1337 games, but what can I do with 550 MHZ and a 64meg PCI card
The games I like

My alltime favorite, @ numbero uno: Yoshi's Island for The Super Nintendo. I can't wait the sequel(?) for the Game Boy Advance!
Number two: Damn, I can't choose. OK, Gran Turismo 3 A-spec then for the Playstation 2. I am a car lover and the interaction you get with the game, superb!
Last but not least: Zelda, Link's Awakening for the Super Nintendo (yep, I am a SNES owner/lover). Man, I just found the game in a secondhand store and after two weeks, I am still playing it. Amazing what they could put in a 1,1 MB cartridge 10 years ago.

Then the worst game ever (do you here the drums?):
When I got my Game Boy, the game was packed in (that was a while ago, 10 years or so) and immediately I was hooked. For months I kept beating my hi-scores, but I wasn't good enough to get the BIG rocket (you get it after getting a score of 100,000 points or higher in A-mode). Then my mother saw me playing and also wanted to 'try'. In just one (1!) day, she managed to get the big one and she said: 'This is fun! Can I play more?'. Sure mom. My reputation of Tetris-master has been blasted away anyway, so, why not? I never played Tetris again. You can say I am a loser, but I now found out I didn't liked Tetris anyway, no give me something to laugh about, with colors and some real music and sounds.
Even now, ten years later, I still hear my mom playing this Hell-grown game (she always keeps the 'music', or beeps if you like, on). Thank God I have a Super Nintendo now (yes, I also have a Playstation 1/2, but for the classics I play the SNES), so I can withdraw if I hear this pathetic beeps coming out of this gray ...thing (please don't fill on the dots, that's not why I placed them, just hold the 't' against your teeth and then pronouce 'thing' and you know what I mean).

I do have a normal life besides gaming, so don't think I am a sorry piece of life.

Thank you.


(1) Command and Conquer Renegade

(2) Return to Castle Wolfenstein

(3) Max Pane


1. Unreal Tournament
2. Rayman 2
3. See #1

Hate: any side scroller...

Waiting on: Unreal 2


which is more important to you, the plot and story, or simply graphics? aparently us older games(so what if i am only 19) like the snes days... were plot helps out alot


Beware the G-Man
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1: Diablo II and DiabloII Lord of Destruction
2: Return to Casle Wolfenstein
3: Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena
Honorable Mention: Duke Nuken 3D Atomic Edition (Yeah it's old, but it was fun to play. Especially with the Penthouse patch)
All PC.


Ultima Online is all i can think of at the moment..that game was so friggen addictive....oh wait and the original zelda...gold version =)..ohhh and command and conquer original dos version...me and my friends played multiplayer over nullmodem for ever!..heh when i was in highschool that is


Dark Forces 2: Jedi Outcast = this game has the best singleplayer since a long time

Return To Castle Wolfenstein = The multiplayer is just superb

And last but certainly not least......Links 2001 = Most people think I'm a sissy when they hear this but golfgames kick ass!!!


Quake For Kids!!!

Quake is for kids, Unreal Tournament is my best, well PC game. Even though I only have an Unreal Tournament Demo, it still kicks Quake 3 Arena's @s$, even though I have the full Quake 3. Still cant wait till Unreal Tournament 2, and 2003, come out, their sure to be a hit.

WWF Smackdown 2, the best game on the PS 1(was one of the top five best selling games on PS 1), while Smackdown 3, the best on PS 2, and WWF RAW, the hottest game on Xbox besides Halo and the best on that console (Can you still call it a console). Can't wait till WWF Wrestlemania X-Eight for the Xbox latter this year, should be the best game ever on Xbox.

When you think about PC games, what about the most popular PC game around, Solitaire, thats damn good, not the best though.


Favourite Game?.. Hmmm well recently its Return To Castle Wolfenstein,.."Im a soldat"!!!.."medic..medic".. "..we need an engineer..",, just afew lines from the game that seem most popular online!! lol

But I do like racing games. Whens the next new F1 game gonna be released thats what i wanna know!


Adawa Kisai

The Adawa Kisai top 3:
1)Medal of Honor
2)Jedi Outcast
3)(tie) Diablo II LOD (Hell on Earth mod) or any of the EA NHL 200x games.

I also love any of the Star Wars games. They rule.


1. Half Life (and mods: DoD, CS)
2. ICO (ps2)
3. Rez (ps2)

I prefer games that blow you away, and are completely new. Those three are the best examples I can think of. Most other ways to evaluate games are insufficient in comparison (story - there is no such thing as a videogame with a 'good story' if you read novels; control - physics only takes you so far; graphics - well myst was pretty...). Anyway, those are my thoughts.

Worst: there have been far too many of them. Pretty much any single player fps since Half Life (we should all be tired of running around finding switches or jumping on platforms to open a door), maybe R/C Stunt Copter for ps1. I actually love that game, but it is the most incredibly frustrating experience you can have with a controller.

Looking forward to: Not much. I think ICO 2 may be in the works though.

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