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favorite firefox extensions?

Perris Calderon

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I'd put this in the firefox thread but I don't want it to get lost.

what are your favorite plugins, what do those plug ins do, and if there are issues wit a plug in, you can help us avoid the issue, please let us know about those issues as well

thanx in advance


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with the new release of Firefox the only plugins I will use when they are all compatible is adblock which is self explanatory and download manager tweak, which just adds more functionality to the built in download manager
BugMeNot is always good - When you come to a page that makes you sign up to view it, just right click and it'll enter somebody elses. Useful if it's a page you dont frequent often.

Super Drag and Go - My favorite - Just click on a link and drag it, and it's opened in a new tab. Great on news pages. Just scroll the main page and open a tab for the stories you wanna read.

Close tab on double click - another favorite - just double click tab to close

ieview - for those pages that wont open right in firefox, just right click and it'll open in ie

Google preview - When a search is done in google an small jpg of the front page of each site is display beside the description.


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Adblock is really a must! :D
IEview for these pages that cannot open in firefox, unfortunately is a must :(
Allow right click for "locked" pages :cool:
These are the extension for me that are must...

MozBackup - backs up cfg
Bookmark Backup
Booktofav - exports firefox bookmarks to ie
FirefoxView - adds View in Firefox to ie
ieview - adds View in ie to Firefox
searchbutton - adds button to launch a search
translate - translates a webpage
tweak - modifies network settings


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I use
Web Developer - Puts an additional bar at the top with many many useful tools for developers such as outlning elememnts, showing element sizes, page validation, live editiing of CSS and many more
TBP - Tabbed Browser Preferences, adds some nice options to tabs
Download Sort - Automaticaly sorts downloads into different folders based on extension or keyword
IEview - Already mentioned and explains itself really. http://ieview.mozdev.org/
Nuke Anything - Its small so why not, it lets you remove any object from a web page, something flashing thats annoying you? Gone! http://ted.mielczarek.org/code/mozilla/
Web Developer - Handy for completing forms on the fly and many many other things. http://www.chrispederick.com/work/firefox/webdeveloper/
Word Count - Self explanatory as well. I Use it at work mostly. http://extensions.roachfiend.com/index.php
Allow Right-Click - What it says. http://extensions.roachfiend.com/index.php
BlockFall - Tetris! http://extensionroom.mozdev.org/clav/#blockfall
All-in-One Gestures - Mouse gestures should just be built in to browsers anymore. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/marc.boullet/ext/extensions-en.html
SpellBound - Spell checker. http://spellbound.sourceforge.net/
Tabbrowser Extensions - For advanced tab configuration. Best thing is the session saving ability. I know there is Session Saver, but this does tabs as well so only one extension is needed. http://piro.sakura.ne.jp/xul/_tabextensions.html.en

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