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favorite computer games


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Half-Life 2, FarCry, World Of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Doom 3 (if you like that style), Guild Wars... there are lots more. What Genre are you after?


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Half-Life 2, without a doubt.

And I am really suprised you havnt heard of HL2, being it was one of the most anticipated games of the year (more then that really). Its hard to explain what kind of game it is, its a FPS for starters... but its story is like non other. You just need to play it :) And it might not hurt to play the First half-Life (which you get for free when you buy HL2)

Note: does HL2 retail box come with HL:S ? I bought the silver package through steam.. so I am not sure about this.
My fav game I've ever played on my computer would have to be ... SWG (Star Wars Galaxies). I had to stop though as I didn't play enough (to busy) to be paying a monthly fee for it. I also enjoy KotoR alot (Knights of the old Republic). I haven't played Kotor2 but sounds great and folks like LordOfLA can't say enough good about it. :)


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ALright i think im going ofr half Life 2. Have any of you ever played the origional Deus Ex? That was one of my favorite games and i would like to find one kind of like that.Another game i also like is C&C Renegade. I dont like the actual game but i like online bet the graphics are starting to get dated. Could you recemend a game for a person who likes to play those types of games?
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Half Life 2, if you can get the collectors edition, please get it. El-cheapo on Amazon :)

Also Xiii (thirteen), Deus Ex (the original, part 2 sort of sucked for me) the Splinter Cell games, the Max Payne games. The original Allied Assaults.

All good first person shooter types.

By the way, what specs do you run on your system. No point in over doing it if your system can't handle the game :)


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Oh my computer specs hahahaha...
asus an8 sli deluxe
3500+@206*11 about 3600+i guess
Patriot ram 256*2 pc467
maxtor 120g sata
evga 6600gt@core clock/memmory clock 540/1070
cheap tv card
7 case fans
blue cold cathode
case based on mac g5 with alot of holes in it i hardly need case fans

i just built it and i should be able to handle any games plus if the games get too advanced i can get another 66gt and go sli:)

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