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Fave pic of days for Active Desktops


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I thought it might be nice to have a thread where people can share their finds in this area - I have found any search tool most unhelpful if you are trying to track any of them down.

I'll start with one I have had on my desktop for quite a long time - for those that like astronomy I should say I am not sure how much longer that lnk is going to stay good though because I heard NASA is getting shut down :(

Anyway - don't let me drag thread OT with that, I'm just looking forward to seeing alternatives... (*THINKS* Should OSNN try hosting a /pod image? I wonder what our resources are like there? Probably a bit tricky, might get copyright exposure unless everyone sources from their own images....)

Back on topic - anyone care to post images they use for their active desktops or know of from sites they visit - any subject, the more varied the better.... (not sure if webcams really count though - although they could if suitable enough maybe and daily updated)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Bumping this thread - and adding a question, I am not sure what I have changed - but now I can go to my display properties desktop and set the web page I want to see there - I do not like them locked as I resize so I do not tick that. Then I go back to my desktop and pic is there - but later it disappears again! Why? Anyone have any ideas - is there another setting that's been reset?

I do use the PowerToys virtual desktops - but that was perfectly fine with this before and I think there's something I just forgot that I have to enable for Active desktop content - I'll read the help thread there if there's no answer here.

C'mon I feel sure some of you must be aware of pics that are rotated - or do you all like changing your own things once a month for the monthly sig and desktop threads?

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