fav drink?


6 Jan 2004
i know i am not the only one who has an alcoholic drink every once and a while. was wondering on a few good inputs on what kinda liquor/beer anyone else drinks. I tend to stick with the jack daniels and vodka, was wondering what else was good because i don't really wanna get something that is crappy :)
Single malt Scotch, really really good , really really expensive. If you are in the U.S. and drink tequila then I reccomend Cazadores , Jimador, or Herra Dura, they approach single malt quality... Smooth beyond all comparison.
Vodka probably, as long as its not mixed with anything else :)
As for beer :D Guinnes! Leff! Murphys! And any unfiltered beer (Ell is a popular one).
Water, distilled, ice cold, yummy :)

I guess it can count as it kinda contains a -OH bond.
Lee where can i pick that stuff up at? sounds pretty good :p
mooo said:
I tend to stick with the jack daniels and vodka

I usually drink them on their own :rolleyes:

I like JD straight but I mix my Vodka with Red Bull (or cheaper equivalent) :)
spirit : Blue Aftershock
beer: grolsch
cider: blackthorn
here's a foufoune electriques special:
-creme de menthe
-peach shnapps
-pineapple juice

Try it and you'll love it, I personally guarantee it.
Bleh Henyman, blue aftershock is teh ming :( (no offence ming ;))
I can't do shots any more....did far too many in my first year of University :D Now I stick with a beer begining with C (Carlsberg, Castelmaine or Carling, in that order) and if I'm going for spirits, a whisky and coke goes down a treat. I've recently started drinking wine (as I figure its cheaper and goes further, and tastes nicer).

If you're looking for a drink to try and you're in the UK, find a Lloyds Bar One and get a shot of Black Sambuca...tastes like liquid black jacks and is roughly 10 times nicer than its more common, white counterpart.

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