fat32 and ntfs question?



ok,my XP cd that came with my Dell is an OEM version and currently im using the Ntfs file system but i'd like to use FAT32,will my xp oem cd let me reformat my NTFS file system and make it FAT32 and if so,how?thanks!:)
I believe you can only go from FAT32 to NTFS , Not NTFS to FAT32 .which would mean you have to reinstall .can someone verify this.....

thats weird because my dell came NTFS formated
NTFS is the better choice ...
i know it supposedly is but i'd like to try BeOS and beos doesnt work on ntfs,i guess ill have to go with a partition program,anyone know any GOOD free partition program i can download?thanks!
Not sure if this is any help.... I have 4 drives on my system.

C: FAT32

I can move files from C to D,E,F with any problems and form D,E,F to C without any problems.

So maybe you can go back to Fat32.

Try getting a copy of Partion Magic 7.0 This baby will partion and change file systems on the fly !!!!!

Go back to fat32

No you can't go back to fat 32 since tou already installed OS under it,But you can partition your drive and install fat 32 on another OS of your choice...If you don't want 2 partitions then FDISK>>>>>>>>and restall XP.............:D
I was reading........... holy cow !!!

Anyway, If you converted to NTFS with XP then NO.

If you used Partition Magic 7.0 then yes you can !!!!


I tested this on one of my drives !!!!!
Partition Magic

Of course with Partition Magic you can create a partition,but you can do that from boot disk in DOS!!!It's FREE!!!..With Partition Magic you don't have to fdisk to create a partition,it does it in Windows...And you can install OS of your choice in FAT 32....But remember that when you boot(attended) to select which OS that you want to start up in...Hope this gets you in the right direction>>>:)
All im talking about is converting the NTFS back to fat32...

It can be done with no data lose... I did it with Partion magic.....


But what you fail to mention is that each drive is a partition,like or unlike OS 's don't mean squat...Drives and partitions are equal in their duties,but their seperate partitions!!!I've had 6 OS's 0n 3 hardrives,but the ones in NT(ntfs) could not convert back to FAT 32 without reformatting partition....:eek:
Hmm not sure if we are on the same page..

c,d are one drive

E is a Hd all alone
F is a Hd all alone

Understand..... but then why did I convert my NTFS back to Fat32 with no data lose ?


When you use Partition Magic it doesn't in depth tell you what it is doing in the background,that is why most consumers buy it in the first place.But what it is doing is just formating your partition,then prompts you to install OS,which at the right time you select the file system you want@NTFS orFAT32...Or you can strip the selected drive to barebones(fdisk) and other options...But what is fact,partition or drive if you are NTFS you have to reformat(partition or drive)to be able use FAT 32 format..Gote needs to know the options and i think our discussion will will help .....:)

We're on the same page,but what I'm trying to explain is that in partition you have the option to save files as explained by the prompt,which adds extra files to your HD,which become mirror files on that drive(stored and current user files)but changes format files to FAT32..So that part of partition is now converted to FAT32 from NTFS <but with the baggage of mirror files...:)
Hmmmmm over my head.... All I know is I did it AFTER I installed my OS....

Was running my OS on Fat 32 for a bit before I did it.. with no reinstall and no lose of drive space !!!

Anyways I hope this doesnt confuse gote !!!!



So let me get this stright... If I convert with XP (under the cmd window) I get a true NTFS and Partition magic is not what you would call a true NTFS ?????

Help me out here !!!!
thanks for the info!just another thing,if i went with the whole reformat thing,then whats FDisk and how do i use it and XP would ask if i wanted NTFS or Fat cause the filesystem isn't anything at that time?

GOTE, If you never fdisked before I recommend that you find someone that knows how and shows you the ropes.BUT if you want to give it a shot ,all you need is a boot floppy of any windows OS,shut off comp with disc in and then restart your comp,you will see it load drivers for emergency boot ,then select start comp without disc support option,it will finally end program with an A: prompt...Type fdisk and hit enter...from there just read instructions...GOOD LUCK:)
both good

FAMINE, Both NTFS are perfectly true system files,it don't matter what way you convert your files,be it thru windows or DOS or partition magic,all reach the same objective...And your right the FAT 32 & NTFS can share between each other,I have FAT 32 files on disc and they run fine on my NTFS system...:p

Thanks...... Im new at this NTFS. This is my first system with it.



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