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Fat 32 to NTFS


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i have about 9GB left of harddrive space (37GB HD) and my computer came with 98Se, i "upgraded" to me, and now i have xp home. i've heard NTFS is better for stablity. is it recommended that i convert, and where can i find the option to do so?


I'd like to know the answer to that one. I have ntfs because I did a clean install. But I have two friends who did upgrades and are using fat 32 and would like to go to ntfs. Hope sombody has an answer.
Got to Start> Run> type in 'cmd'> at the command prompt, type in 'convert X: /fs:ntfs' >>> X being the drive you want to convert and the command string without quotes.

BenQuilter, with only that much free space left I don't know if it will work or not.

Always do a backup of the valuables before doing this type of operation.


I did it and had all kinds of trouble running retail games, anyone else run into this trouble? Id say that it wasnt worth it and I did a clean install of xp fat 32 and all works well now including games that I already purchased
Yeah, some folks do experience problems from converting an existing fat32 system partition. The best way is to do a full ntfs format as part of the installation routine. I wouldn't go back to fat32 on a bet. I've been running ntfs on the same installation since mid December and i haven't lost one byte of data due to cross-linked files, lost clusters, etc. I'm very happy with it.

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