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fastnet 99 for mozilla

fastnet 99 works for me in ie ,but i,m useing mozilla it only lists netscape on its bookmarks options -is there a way i can use it with mozilla?


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FastNet99 has a lot of options -- too many options, maybe. Basically, there are only three things to do when you install FastNet99:
First, tell it where your Favorites are. These are files that store pointers to Web sites. If you're not using Internet Explorer, tell FastNet99 where your Bookmarks are. (It probably already knows.) A lot of you wrote to me and said you got lost right there, probably because you don't know about the Browse button right there in the little FastNet99 window. Go ahead. Click it. You won't hurt anything. You can cruise around your hard drive. Look in the Windows folder for a folder called Favorites and click it. Then click OK.
Second, tell FastNet99 to go out and get the IP numbers for the sites listed in your Favorites or your Bookmarks. Just click the appropriate button.
Third, when FastNet99 is done it probably will show you a list of sites that don't have numbered addresses. It will ask if it should delete them. ALWAYS ANSWER YES. Get rid of the bad entries.
That's all. You don't have to deal with any other parts of FastNet99. Just leave them alone. They're fluff. Run FastNet99 at least once a week. Make Favorites or Bookmarks for every site you think you'll want to return to, and let FastNet99 speed up your journey.

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My own idea:

Look under Bookmarks for Netscape and Mozilla users instead of Favorites. It will be in Windows XP in C Drive or which ever Drive XP has been installed in... under, Documents and Settings... User(whatever name is your user)... Application Data... Mozilla... Profiles... User Name (again whatever the name you are using)... then the next Directory (each Machine/Account usually has a different name for this Directory, that's why I am not specifying), you open it and you will find the file Bookmarks. That should be it.

I hope this helps. :happy:

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