Fast writes???



I know that my vidcard supports fast writes.
I want to enable it but there is no setting to enable it in the bios.
How can I enable it??


I think it does.

Heres a phrase from the manual.

"AGP Fast Write (Disabled)"
This item lets you enable or disable the caching of display data for the video memory of the processor. Enabling this item can greatly improve the displayspeed. Disable this item if your graphics display card does not support this feature.

But Geforce 4 MX 440SE 64mb DDR W/ TV Out supports it.(said in the vidcard manual)

I also updated my bios. But still no option.
Anyway, I already got Rivatuner and forced fast writes to be supported.(Hope it works somehow):)

Any more suggestions?


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thats about it, i coudlnt detect a diffrence on my ti4600 but it was always enabled, didnt make a diffrence on 3d mark though.

my honest opinion would be to get rid of that card as it only supports dx7 well outa date really. you can pick a nice dx9 card up very cheap nowdays :)


Yeah your right. I was very stupid choosing this card.
My mind was so confused, cause imagine that you were given a chance to buy a new computer the moment you wake up in the christmas morning.

What do you prefer?
(Geforce brand only. I seldom see a ATI card here...)


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to be honest there all going with ATI nowdays, but a GF FX low end card will offer limited performance in new games, the card you have wouldnt be able to start any new DX9 games without running at less than 10 FPS.

i like nvidia, others like ATI, its the major 50/50 stuff again, each has its own strong points, but in all reality if you spend the same amount you get very close performance.


So you recommend any FX cards?
How about this:

Geforce FX 5200 64ddr TV-DVI 8X
(thats what my budget can afford somehow)


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its a hell of a lot better than what you have. trouble with video cards is the fact you can spend more than the pc is worth updating it :(
Budget eh?

Well, you can try to get a regular 9600 since your budget is about this price. It'll beat the living hell out of the FX5200 and is pretty damn fast generally.
Tom's hardware just ran a suite of benchmarks on all the last 3 generation cards. Here's how they stack up.

Remember to look at all the results. Each card had strengths in it's own area. The GE4 4200-8x does amazingly well in many of the DX8 benchmarks and the MX460 came out a lot higher than I ever would have guesssed.

Also, don't freak if your card does not stand as high as you'd like in a particular test. The tests are run with all settings max'd and they did not specify anti-aliasing and anisotropic levels used in most of the tests. Tom's usually uses 4x on both, which is higher than I set mine and will slow down frame rate.

PS The fast writes has never produced a noticeable or measurable difference on any system I've ever had.

PPS "Budget eh?" Ditto.


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i think we all define budget, meaning diffrent things, budget as in not top of the range ie £400-£500, against the sub £100 versions. i aint trying to start the usual debate over it, remember the guy who started the thread got a mx with his new pooter, thats standard for most off the shelf kits. fact still remains its directx7, 1 of the remaining few that needs killing off :)

i think the only reason toms hardware gave the card any credit is the fact it costs £20. go figure :p
The GeForce FX 5600 Ultra is a decent mid-range if you want to go that route...I've just moved to a 9700 Pro from a GF4 4200 though. I finally scored over 15,000 in 3dmark 2001 at stock speeds!

If your still checking this thread look for Powercolor or Sapphire. They make ATI chipset based cards (powercolor is very good).

Also ASUS, Gigabyte and many others are making ATI chipset cards since this fall so you should be seeing cards in the Phillipines.


Im hoping for that.:)
Here in the philippines ATI means: