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14 Jul 2002
I've asked this question a few times on this forum but no one has replied. What is fast writes? I know that omega drivers disables them for stability but does that affect performance. Another question. Is omega drivers better than Ati's one's and why?

"What is fast writes? "
The Intel specification for AGP:

Don't bother reading it, it causes migraines. Fast Write allows the AGP to do block transfers of data without passing it through main memory. This doesn't make much ssnse since main memory is where the CPU puts the info that the video card GPU works on. On the other hand that explaisn why Fast Writes produces no measurable FPS increase...

"Is omega drivers better than Ati's one's and why? "
Absolutely not. I tested several versions with multiple benchmarks and in game play. The image quality was inferior and the benchmakrs were identical. All Omega does is change some internal settings on the Identical ATI driver. Omega contains no new (i.e. better) code.

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