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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 81135615A, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. 81135615A

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    hey all

    just an issue regarding fast user switching... everytime there are multiple users logged on into the system and one of us logs off, the system will go through the normal log off process, then what happens is that a black screen (that should appear for only a few seconds) appears and stays there - ie the welcome logon screen never appears.

    this means that nobody else can log on, and any existing users would lose their work, cos i need to restart the pc.

    is there a way to fix this?

  2. napalmnthemorning

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    If you can't boot into XP at all then it looks as though you will have to do a recovery from your XP CD. Insert the Windows XP startup disk into the floppy disk drive, or insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive, and then restart the computer.

    Click to select any options that are required to start the computer from the CD-ROM drive if you are prompted to do so. Usually just hitting a key on keyboard when prompted to boot from CD. Welcome to Setup screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console.
    If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot computer, choose the installation that you need to access from the Recovery Console.
    When you are prompted to do so, type the Administrator password. If the administrator password is blank, just press ENTER.
    At the command prompt, type the appropriate commands to diagnose and repair your Windows XP installation. Such as:

    FIXBOOT (writes a new partition boot sector to the system partition)
    FIXMBR (Repairs the master boot record of the boot disk)
    BOOTCFG /REBUILD (Enables a user to rebuild, view, and otherwise make changes to the boot.ini file)

    To exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer, type exit at the command prompt, and then press ENTER. Reboot and it should bring you back to a boot screen.
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    I dont think its a boot problem, from what I understand this only happens when a user logs off. It doesnt return to the welcome or login screen.

    81135615A you said it happens when multiple users are logged in, so I assume all is fine if there is only one user using the comp.
  4. 81135615A

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    yes that is correct Admiral Michael. The booting into the OS is fine, and when a single user does log off it is ok. It only occurs when there are multiple users logged on and one of us logs off does this occur...