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I started watching the show over the past 6 months or so when SciFi bought it. It has now been cancelled by SciFi because of 'low ratings'
I dont know why but I have become addicted to the show and cant wait to see every episode. Unfortunately SciFi has put in on at 12 midnight on Sundays. They do marathons every now and then but not in a regular basis.
I just wondered if there were any other Farscape fans roaming around on the forums.

Help me I am addicted to Farscape and I can't get up?!
they show it on sci fi in the uk, used to be on BBC2 as well, they changed the times round and i havn't seen much since :(

i was a fan of the 1st series, then it got pulled from prime time... doh.
i also loved the first seris when it was on bbc2 :(
they should invent something that can "record" something to a "tape" or something
no tape needed ... they are on DVD. Well all are but the last season
hehe, i never got into farscape, or Andromeda (seem kinda similar to me) or that one with the dead guy with the huge bouffont (lexx)
Farscape and Andromeda are nothing alike. Please dont belittle Farscape that way. :D Lexx was weird but kewl. I watch it every now and then, but i have become addicted to Farscape and i dont know why. That and Stargate SG-1... go figure.
I used to watch Farscape regularly when it first started. Was good fun. Don't know what happened after that, but I stopped watching it completely.
SG1 is good, but I never got into Farscape - loved Andromeda though :D
i love SG-1 even the new episodes rock :cool:
I guess we're going off topic but fyi ... new season of Stargate SG-1 starts this friday on scifi
Stargate was on last week on C4, second of a 2 parter (first part aboout 4-5 weeks ago).
Damn it was good, i think its actualy near the end the current series
Electronic Punk said:
they should invent something that can "record" something to a "tape" or something

for the past 3 years i have failed to record F1, i tried, manual setup on the box, instand record, that video plus thingy as well. VCR's dont like me :p
Yay!..Love Farscape.
I too started watching it on BBC2, but then caught it on SCI-FI, then BBC2 ran
another series, I got kinda screwed up as to what was happening when :(

btw, I think Erin was kick-ass in the earlier episodes, she used to kick serious butt! :D
But, later she mellowed out, then died, then didn't then got lost...oooh, my head
*takes paracetamol*
tonite SciFi is showing 3 episodes. but at 3 4 and 5 am...
I found some great lines for Season 4 of the DVD collection of Farscape.... they are cracking me up. You need to know the stroy line to fully appreciate it.

Part 1 -

John has just revealed his plan to infiltrate the top-secret Gammack Base by impersonating a Sebacean
Dominar Rygel XVI: You're not just *fahr-bot*, you're *magra fahr-bot*!
John Crichton: I've done it before, I can do it again.
Chiana: Yeah, by the skin of your mivonks.

John Crichton: You okay?
Dominar Rygel XVI: Okay? No I'm not okay! We're in mud!
Aeryn Sun: You're Hynerian! You're aquatic, what's your problem?
Dominar Rygel XVI: Aquatic? That's water, not mud! Mud is... mud! You can't breathe in it, you can't move in it. It holds you, it grabs you, it sucks you down. You want to know about mud? I know about mud!
John Crichton: Guy knows mud.

John Crichton: Hey! D'Argo... how come I'm not afraid?
General Ka D'Argo: Fear accompanies the possibility of death. Calm shepherds its certainty.
John Crichton: I love hangin' with you, man.

Moya and her crew have encountered a hostile ship
John Crichton: Have we sent the "Don't shoot, we're pathetic" transmission yet?

Aeryn Sun: She gives me a woody.
no one says anything
Aeryn Sun: Woody. It's a human saying. I've heard you say it often. When you don't trust someone or they make you nervous, they give you-
John Crichton: Willies. She gives you the willies.

Scorpius: I condemn you, John Crichton, to live so that your thirst for unfulfilled revenge will consume you.

General Ka D'Argo: Well, now I can only speak truth, and that comes as good and bad news.
John Crichton: All right, give me the bad news first.
General Ka D'Argo: The bad news is that you're married, and you must endure as a statue for eighty cycles in a strange world.
John Crichton: What's the good news?
General Ka D'Argo: Chiana and I are having fantastic sex.

said to a complaining newcomer
Slaps his own rear end

Scorpius wants to abduct Crichton and dissect him.
John Crichton: Aeryn, if Scorpius gets me...
Aeryn Sun: I know, shoot you.
John Crichton: No! No, no. Shoot him!

John Crichton: You've been lyin' to your daddy, boy, and you know you shouldn't lie to your daddy! It's gonna stop. Who's your daddy? C'mon, you know who your daddy is. Who's your daddy? D'Argo, tell him who his daddy is.
General Ka D'Argo: I'M your daddy!

to Rygel, in response to an unusual aspect of Hynerian physiology
John Crichton: You fart HELIUM?

Aeryn Sun: This is a bad combination: Zhaan distracted, Crichton confused.
General Ka D'Argo: Crichton is always confused.

Captain Biallar Crais: You have no idea where we're going. We could be going around in circles.
John Crichton: We're not going in circles, nimrod, 'cause we've never been here before. We're completely lost!

John Crichton: Don't move or I'll fill you full of...little yellow bolts of light.

John Crichton: That's your plan? Wile E. Coyote would come up with a better plan than that!

Aeryn Sun: I'm sure your world has no force so ruthless, so disciplined.
John Crichton: Oh, we call them linebackers, or serial killers. Depends on if they're professional or amateur.

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan: Crichton says he's experiencing the future.
Aeryn Sun: He can barely function in the present.

Aeryn Sun: No offense, human, but what can I possibly need from you?
John Crichton: I dunno...manners, personality....Stock tips.

Stark: You want revenge.
John Crichton: No, I don't. I want to kill him. That's justice.

Gilina: I can't believe you're not Sebacean.
John Crichton: Human. It's kinda like Sebacean, but we haven't conquered other worlds yet, so we just kick the crap out of each other.

Several members of the crew have been flung back in time.
Aeryn Sun: You know if we did change things it is possible that we could improve the future.
John Crichton: With our track record you think that's going to happen?
Aeryn Sun: I guess not.

Aeryn Sun: We have a situation up here.
John Crichton: I'm sure it's not any more interesting than the one down here.
Aeryn Sun: Remember Rygel's assassination attempt? He caused it himself. His body fluids have turned explosive.
John Crichton: I stand corrected.
Part 2 -

Jool: They shot me, they pushed me, they made me drink piss!

to Chiana

Stark: I suggest you prepare yourselves for peace. I have failed you and we're all going to die.

John Crichton: Obfuscation. How the hell does that translate?

John Crichton: They say it's a lucky or an unambitious man who goes when he's ready. That said, Scorpius is gone. I'm at peace.

Aeryn Sun: I returned from the dead. Why can't he?

John Crichton: I came here to work.
Scorpius: For or against me?

John Crichton: I don't...wanna be like other people. I don't wanna be like you. I don't wanna stoop that low. Kirk wouldn't stoop that low.
Scorpius: That was a television show, John. And he made Priceline commercials. But if you insist, then look to Kirk the way he really was--savage when he had to be!
John Crichton: He's a fiction, Harv. I know the difference. I'm real, I have to live with what I do.

John Crichton: Open your ears or tentacles or whatever orifice it is you listen with!

John Crichton: I try to save a life a day...usually it's mine.

Dominar Rygel XVI: Well, he's not coming in here!
John Crichton: He wouldn't want to go in there, cranky. All of his senses are heightened, including his nose. You might kill him without intending to.

John Crichton: The ionic radiation gives her photogasms, unless she's faking it. They can do that, you know. Hey, Zhaan, you faking it?
blissfully giggling

John Crichton: Well, Well... Gilligan and Mary Ann. Or maybe you're Ginger. I'd have to see you in a Wonderbra to know.

John Crichton: I hate it when villains quote Shakespeare.

Scorpius: Go on. Kill her. Then we'll have pizza and margarita shooters. Do it. Do it.
aims gun at Scorpius instead

John Crichton: I am not deficient. I am superior. Humans are superior.

John Crichton: Does this strike any of you superior beings as a little bit ironic?
Chiana: Why?
John Crichton: I'm the deficient one, and I'm still saving your butts.

Dominar Rygel XVI: No dominar from the House of Rygel ever travels in reverse!
John Crichton: Turn around, pretend you're heading forward.

Chiana: What if the creature's waiting?
John Crichton: Then piss it off.
Chiana: How?
John Crichton: Pretend it's me.

John Crichton: I've got to get out of here before I end up like you!
Dominar Rygel XVI: What, handsome with a great sexual prowess?

John Crichton: How do you say 'we're screwed' in your native tongue?

Aeryn Sun: Someone has regenerated communications.
John Crichton: Recently? Or do you guys have like the best car batteries of all time?

knocking on glass of cage with gun
John Crichton: Hey little fella. We're going to roll the dice. But you make one wrong move I will shoot you. You understand shoot? Ka-tow, ka-tow, ka-tow. Little bolts of light. Ooouch.

Crichton is trying to get the Scorpius Neural Clone, Harvey, removed from his mind
Scorpius: Don't do this John! He'll terminate you, Stark, Rygel, Aeryn...
John Crichton: Do not play with the Aeryn card with me Scorp, you killed her!
Scorpius: Aeryn is alive!
John Crichton: Yeah and now Zhaan's gone, who do I thank for that!?

About Crichton getting turned into a statue for 80 years.
John Crichton: Humans do not live as long as Sebaceans, Hynerians or Delvians. When I get back everyone, my Dad, DK, my sisters, Cameron Diaz, Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be dead!
General Ka D'Argo: You may never see these people again anyway...
John Crichton: Hope, D'Argo. Its what keeps you going. Your gonna see your son. I'm gonna get home. Hope, I have hope... or I have nothing.

John Crichton: Lately,. do I seem, a little crazy to you?
Aeryn Sun: What do you mean, 'lately'?

Neeyala: We were regaining dimensionality when our ships collided and must've been subjected to a massive burst of photonic distortion. Once the phaztillon generator is repaired, we'll dose ourselves and hope your living ship doesn't interfere with the non-thermal dimensional forces.
Aeryn Sun: Do you understand any of those words?
John Crichton: Yeah, I watched all kinds of Star Trek, it's just the order that they're in.
Part 3 -

Aeryn is upset with John and walks off annoyed.
Neeyala: She doesn't like you.
John Crichton: Nah, it's a phase. It's part of her charm.
Neeyala: I admit to some skepticism myself.

John Crichton: Well, you gotta know how deep the doo-doo is Ryg, if you're gonna dig your way out.

John Crichton: If he masters wormhole technology, what will he use it for?
Scorpius: Faster delivery of pizzas.

General Ka D'Argo: Something Crichton said is disturbing me.
Dominar Rygel XVI: Finally! I've been saying that since he arrived.

Maldis: What's the matter with you, Crichton? Are all the species on your planet this dim?

John Crichton: Fetch the comfy chair.

John Crichton: I'm sick of this whole turd-burp end of the universe.

General Ka D'Argo: Zhaan, let me explain to you what's going on inside my nose right now. There's large pieces of green mucus gunk--
John Crichton: D'Argo. D'Argo. D'Argo. No, no, no, no. Stop it with the Luxan poetry.

John Crichton: Haven't you read the Super Villain's Handbook? This is where you're supposed to twirl your mustache and gloat.

John Crichton: Oh, yeah. I think I've seen this one before. Mel Gibson, Tina Turner...Cage match!

about Rygel
John Crichton: It's not Kansas, and you're way too homely to be Auntie Em. Come here, Toto.

Zhaan: I was. I keep seeing you die.

Chiana: Look, maybe we should get a different lawyer.
Dersch: Well, you're welcome to try, there's plenty of them around. Ninety per cent of our population are lawyers.

General Ka D'Argo: As John once said, 'I would rather go down on a swing.'
John Crichton: Swinging. You wanna go down...swinging.
General Ka D'Argo: Swinging.

John and D'Argo are playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'
John Crichton: Again?
General Ka D'Argo: Yeah.
John Crichton: One, two, three.
John throws paper. D'Argo throws rock.
John Crichton: No, I win. Paper wraps rocks.
General Ka D'Argo: No, paper cannot possibly beat rock.
John Crichton: It does. Paper beats rock.
General Ka D'Argo: Rock rips through paper.
John Crichton: D'Argo, that's not how it works. Paper beats rocks.
General Ka D'Argo: That's unrealistic.
John Crichton: Well, it's the rules! And it's not supposed to be realistic, it's supposed to be entertaining.
General Ka D'Argo: My coma was more entertaining.

Dominar Rygel XVI: May your afterlife be almost as pleasant as mine.

Dominar Rygel XVI: Double the Crichton, and you double the waste of time!

John Crichton: Shyeah! It'd totally screw the pooch, babe!

Dominar Rygel XVI: Bitchin'.

Grunchlk: After the Doc cuts the tendrils that have hijacked your brain, he's gonna try and take out the neuro chip completely. But he needs your help.
John Crichton: What do I gotta do?
Grunchlk: Because there's no template of your brain on our database, he doesn't know what bits o' grey do what. So when he probes, you tell him.
John Crichton: Right. Where will you be?
Grunchlk: Anywhere else. I vomit when things get messy.
Puts piece of food into his mouth
Dominar Rygel XVI: That's krawlda. A delicacy, even for pagans.
John Crichton: Well, how long was it under your butt getting delicate?

D'argo had just jumped over a vat of something unpleasant and deadly in order to save someone
John Crichton: That was so Batman!

John Crichton: I don't know what you've been smoking, Buckwheat, but we've got a serious problem here.
Dominar Rygel XVI: Nothing a good meal won't solve, I'm sure.

Zhaan: I've always wondered what could be beyond height and width, depth and time.
John Crichton: Nausea.

General Ka D'Argo: Have you ever heard of anything like this happening before?
John Crichton: D'Argo, I haven't heard of anything like anything before. My planet doesn't even go to the moon anymore.

General Ka D'Argo: One...two...fire!
John Crichton: Hey, what happened to three?

Aeryn Sun: I apologize for my strengths.

Zhaan: My dear, I've kicked more ass than you've sat on.

John Crichton: Twisted as it sounds, what we have right here is exactly what we need, guns in lots of hands pointed in every direction.

Chiana: Distress call. Directed at us?

Zhaan: There is much cruelty in the universe.
John Crichton: Yeah, we seem to have a treasure map to it.

John Crichton: Oh, great. So he's like one of those mechanics on 60 Minutes who says he's gonna help and then he screws us.

John Crichton: Bingo! Give brainiac a fluffy dog.

Captain Biallar Crais: I'm only judging on my experience with you, but I've never seen such a deficient species. You have no special abilities. You're not particularly smart, can hardly smell, can barely see, and you're not even vaguely physically or spiritually imposing. Is there anything you do well?
John Crichton: Watch football.

Dominar Rygel XVI: I never run away. I...strategically maneuver.

Aeryn Sun: Why don't you make another speech, you self-important, deficient little man. All you ever do is talk! Your father was the hero, you know. He did things. You, you're just this test monkey that screwed up your first experiment.
Laughing hysterically

John Crichton: You can eat anything as long as it's fried.

John Crichton: What did you buy?
Aeryn Sun: Just some essentials.
John Crichton: Would that be floss? Lipliner?
Aeryn Sun: Weapons. I traded a pulse pistol for some original Tarik deployers.
John Crichton: Cool.
Part 4 -

John Crichton: Nothing like a bomb to sober you up.

John Crichton: It's Scooby Doo time.

Dominar Rygel XVI: I'm gonna kill the bitch. Now!

John Crichton: Ding Dong the Pod is Dead.

John Crichton: I must be smarter than I look.
Aeryn Sun: That would be easy.

John Crichton: Stop acting like Yosemite Sam.

John Crichton: Lock up the women and hide the fried chicken!

John Crichton: Okay, welcome to the butt-hole of the universe.

John Crichton: Look, I...can't be your kind of hero.
Jack Crichton: No, you can't be. But each man gets a chance to be his own kind of hero.

Aeryn Sun: What is your rank and regiment? And why are you out of uniform? Rank and regiment now!

Crichton has ordered an alien out of the room at gunpoint.
Alien: You fear me.
John Crichton: No, you just smell.

season one and two introduction
John Crichton: My name is John Crichton, an astronaut. A radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole. Lost in some distant part of the universe on a ship, a living ship, full of strange alien life forms. Help me. Listen, please. Is there anybody out there who can hear me? Being hunted... by an insane military commander. Doing everything I can. I'm just looking for a way home.

Dominar Rygel XVI: I'm nobody's puppet!

John Crichton: Of course you don't understand... You live in the country but you do not speak the language!

General Ka D'Argo: This ship is legendary. Even in my culture, it was thought invincible.
John Crichton: Yeah, well, just ask Leonardo DiCaprio. Even the big ones go down.

Aeryn Sun: Imagine, somewhere out there there's a whole world full of Crichtons. How useless that must be.

Dominar Rygel XVI: I therefore declare you officially dead... and claim all your possessions for myself.

Scorpius: Do it John, do it. Then we can go to the beach! I know a place with naked Sebacean girls and margarita shooters.

Chiana: Screw 'em, Zhaany. You're a tenth level Pa'u. You get to eleven, we get a TV ministry.

Captain Biallar Crais: "Freeze! You're under arrest! You have the right to the remains of a silent attorney! If you cannot afford one... tough noogies! You can make ONE phone call! I recommend Trixie: 976-Triple 5-love."

Dominar Rygel XVI: By the yotz, run, fight, surrender, pick one!

General Ka D'Argo: We will cut off the tip of our small finger for identification.

talking about a very slow ship
John Crichton: "Hetch 7? That thing's a Hyundai. Why don't we stop playing hide and seek and smoke 'em?"

pointing at Aeryn
reaching back to see the tag
John Crichton: Calvin.
Aeryn Sun: Well, they're not yours.

John Crichton: They spit fire? How come nobody tells me this stuff, how come nobody told me they spit fire?"

Aeryn Sun: Can you pass me that ax?
John Crichton: Yeah. What are you going to do with it?
Aeryn Sun: I'm going to hack my foot off.

Dominar Rygel XVI: I like my wives pregnant and my ships cold to the touch. That way my feet stay warm and my slumber is uninterrupted.

Staanz: I'm lonely. Everybody needs a mate, Ka D'Argo. Even you.
John Crichton: A mate?
Staanz: I am the female of the species, you know that, don't you? In fact, false modesty aside, I am considered quite the Zenetan beauty.
John Crichton: You know, big guy, I think I'd better give you two a little time alone here...'cause you know, in a universe this vast, when two hearts collide...
General Ka D'Argo: Shut up.

John Crichton: Whoa...hell, we're screwed.
Dominar Rygel XVI: Should I disrobe so it's memorable?

General Ka D'Argo: You look after her while I go break Crais's neck.
John Crichton: D'Argo, you couldn't break wind right now, I'm going.

John Crichton: You want to have a mid-life crisis? Fine, ditch the firm, head off to Maui, shack up with a supermodel, but you don't get the keep the Porsche.

John Crichton: Sparky! How's my favorite Hynerian?
Rygel can't speak
General Ka D'Argo: Even I am pleased to see you.
Rygel continues choking
General Ka D'Argo: Are you, are you not well?
John Crichton: Frog in your throat? Need a Hynerian Hymlich?
John does Hymlich on Rygel
Sees Aeryn and starts again
John Crichton: What?
Aeryn Sun: It's a Hynerian airway seizure caused by very strong emotions.
General Ka D'Argo: Other than greed of course.

Scorpius: What won't you tell me? I already know everything else. I know you're living on a stolen leviathan with escaped prisoners. And I know that the leviathan is pregnant.
John Crichton: You know who the daddy is?

Dominar Rygel XVI: Hull breaches are nearly unheard of on Leviathans-
Moya shakes
John Crichton: Pilot, what the hell's going on?
Pilot: Hull breach!

John Crichton: What are you doing?
Chiana: I'm having sex with three Hynerian donkeys. What does it look like?

after shooting at and missing John

Captain Biallar Crais: I like your style hombre but this is no laughing matter. Assault on a police officer, theft of police property, illegal possession of a firearm, five counts of attempted murder. That comes to $29.40. Cash, check or credit card.

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