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Anybody got anys comments on the whole Farenheit 9/11 movie , i havent watched it by have been told it is very good... need some input from you guys out there so please share thanx.

Perris Calderon

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it's definatlly not ballanced, it doesn't give the pros...it's left wing propaganda

however, there is information in the movie everybody needs to see, and you won't see this information in the current wealthy owned right winged big bussiness media machine

for instance, everyone needs to see how inept this presidents performance when he was confronted with the attack on our soil...big bussiness media tries to excuse his inaction until he was dragged away by his aids, however there is no excuse for this inability to act fast in this kind of adversity

everyone should see the movie...especially those people that want to trash it.

I love when someone who hasn't seen this movie tries to trash it....ignorant idiots that lot
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I watched it in the theater when it came out, I thought the only part worth the money was the very end when bush messed up that quote. That was the only part of the movie that I really cared for. I am not a bush freak; I simply just agree with perris. Its a one sided story that doesnt let you know about everything. This was a great way of MM to reach out to the not so bright ppl that think there is only one side to something. You should always look at the other side before taking one.
Very biased, but definately worth seeing. Not all of it may be true, but only half would be enough.

Columbine was better though.


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I believe there was a thread or two on this topic before. Search and take a look at people's takes :)

No need to rehash.

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