Far Cry Single Player Demo

This a game rocks!!!!!
But you need a good comp to run it and recent vid drivers. most of the probs seem to be with ATI 4.1cats 3.10 are better. Not to meny probs for Geforce 4 TI and up. If you are having trouble with the game go here, lots of bug fixes and chat.

Dont be put off giving it a go it runs fine for me with no probs at all. this looks to be one of the best games of the 2004 year!!! and its nearly finished, out March.
These mirrors are incredibly slow right now. Are there any others?
Here are some screenies to wet your appetite :)


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Not bad looking :D but I will have to see how it plays as a game is nothing without gameplay
I haven't seen a file shut down the internet like this since 3dMark03...

I'll probably get it in a couple of days when this all blows over.
i really like it! demo was fun and looked great (it's fun to hack one of the boar/pig things down with your machete!)
Just finished it! The AI is nice. Instead of running straight at you, they might walk around a hill or a set of stairs and come behind you.
Yeah, but it dosen't usually let you sneak up on guys - managed it once, i have actually watched a guy move behind a tree when i was about 20m away from him as soon as i put my sight on him. Pretty smart you would think, trouble was i was behind him at the time and he couldnt "see" me. So i moved round a but, put my sights on him again and he moved again.

So i lobbed a grenade at him. :D

Its not bad but it needs a bit of polish, if they do that then it could be pretty damn good, i read somewhere that you cant shoot through leaves though, never noticed myself.
I didnt have trouble shootin through the leaves. Good demo. Nice game potential.
Very nice indeed, but also at the moment very buggy, if it gets looked after right before it's release it is going to be very nice indeed.
I got to ride around in the jeep (careful no brakes!) and drive the boats and use the on board cannons against other boats but how do I destroy the attack helicopters? The grenade launcher seems to have little effect. :rolleyes:
i didn't... I hid in a little alchove, then when the doors opened I ran in like a girl.
This game is awesome! I am a part of the FarCry multiplayer beta right now. And I can tell you this. It is even better than the demo.

I have lived in the sub-tropics and I have ta say that the graphics used in this game are as close as I have ever seen to "the real thing" outside of being there. Jus beautifully done.

I still wanna know how to down those attack helicopters! :p
The big transport that comes in you can down with the Rocket launcher that you get just before you enter the door.

The other two - im not sure - i was able to snipe the guys at the doors and then they flew off, but i dont know for sure how to kill them.
Nice, just finished the demo.

One thing: Try out the buggy! It's surprising where you can navigate with it :)

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