Far Cry problem


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5 Jul 2002
I've just bought the game but have a problem.

If i set the settings above 'medium' the game loads (bar along bottom of screen) but instead of going in to the actual playable part of it the screen just goes blue (not a bsod) and i have to reset the PC.


Im using Asus 9800xt and the latest catalyst (have tried latest omegas too..same problem).

Any suggestions?
Although highly nvidia-orientated, have you tried installing the far cry patch?

Having said that, using the bog standard, cheap and nasty 9800Pro and it worked before and after the patch


I also have everything maxxed out, just stopped playing for a bit cos those big dudes have rocket launchers and it scares me.
thats the first I have heard of this problem...

try out the patch EP suggested... might help though it really is designed for nv's dx9 cards...

what res are you playing @ and do you have any AA/AF turned on either in the game menu or in your ati control panel ?
playing at 1600x1200...but i think i've sorted the problem out now. Looks like it was to do with the AA..turned it off and i can now set all the other settins to max (or close to!).

Thanks both for the ideas...the patch was already installed.
Edit that..the problem is still there. Just completed the first level (with the ship) and it was loading the second level fine..then bam!..blue screen. :(

Any ideas?
FYI...problems solved!

How? By setting my desktop resolution to the same as the game and, probably more importantly, turning off the VU Recovery on the ATI Control Panel.

That combo worked for me anyway :)
I've applied the patch and running medium graphics settings with the NVIDIA StarStorm 56.72 X driver/nvidia 5200-128/1gb memory. Graphics are great until I'm shooting or I'm in the bushes, thats when I get all kinds of colored lines. I have no problems running RS-3, SC, Max Payne 2 or COD. ?
still a weird bug...

oh well... if its working... thats good :)
Electronic Punk said:
I also have everything maxxed out, just stopped playing for a bit cos those big dudes have rocket launchers and it scares me.

Aim for the head, 2 sniper rifle shots takes em down, dont be scared

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