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11 Feb 2004
Ok we do this for football and I know KC has one running for the NBA.

So here is the pitch... Yahoo has a fantasy March Madness, pick your bracket. If enough people are interested we can get this up.

Put your thoughts up, Yay or Nay.

Netryder has to play, seeing how he goes to UCLA
Ooooh hell noooo. *runs far far away* :eek:
I'm in! I love March Madness... Even taking Friday off to drink and watch and drink. Should be fun!
alright here is the info: OSNN Group ID# 91738
PW: marmad

and bracket is : OSNN bballers
Bracket is done. I've picked more upsets this year than ever before. I can't wait for Thursday!
Technically the action starts tonight, although it doesn't show up on the brackets :D

I did my picks, just not here yet. I'm in a few pools and will have the same picks for all - just need to transfer to Yahoo..

Good luck all :)
I did my picks VERY quickly - this should be interesting :p
it's always interesting to see the picks I make when there's no money on the line :)
yeah so watch someone goes undefeated from this...
I'm looking forward to how I do - should be great. At least the action finally begins tomorrow!!!!
I did decent so far, I didn't have Duke going past the next round anyways so that wasn't a devasting loss.

I love this tournament though, GREAT TV!!
I had Duke losing to VCU. I see someone had them going to the Final Four...
yeah.. that would be me :)

But, like I said earlier, I made picks that I never would have made if I had money on the line :)
You have to make gutsy picks Fitzy - and you were probably alone on that one :p

Will have a better idea of how we are all doing after tonight.

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