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Fans on/off Switches

Hi all,
I have a total of 8 case fans in my case and they are very noisy, :p i was just wondering how easy it is to make ON/OFF switches for them? if i bought the switches (what kind would i need?) how easy or safe is it to wire them up?
all the fans that i would want to add switches to are connected to the psu (4 pin) not the motherboard of course ;) but they are also connected inline with my cd roms and hdds.

is it possible at all to do this? :confused:

Thanks in advance!


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I dunno bout turning on and off... there are fan setting which turn the rpm's down depending on settings... high/med/low settings...

alternatively pop the side panel and unplug the fans (while computer is off to make sure you dont kill anything... incl yourself) and keep iit like that...


What you are looking for is something called a baybus kit... try to do a search on Google and see what fits your needs.


Sorry I am in the USA and I dont know of cheaper. I look at it like this, if you want something that will work youcan always make it yourself and just get the parts from a hardware store. But if you want something reliable go with the BayBus system. I mean without the fans your system will over heat and could burn out. This is not an area you want to go cheap on IMO


if u just wanna turn em off manually - wivout fancy speed changers n stuff then just go n buy one (or more) cheap 2-way switch. Remember to break the RED wire when wiring up the switch. If u break the black wire then the fan is still live when the switch is turned off even tho it wont be spinning.

hope this helps!


hitechmods.com has instructions telling you all the parts and steps to build your own baybus i am planning on making one when i build my new PC seems pretty easy to build just make sure you pay attention and dont cross any wires

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