Fan up to the job?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Mr Dead, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. Mr Dead

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    I am currently running a thuderbird 1400 and have upgraded the heatsink and fan and under several hours of 100% load (dvd encoding) the temp never goes over 54C. I am now about to upgrade the processor to an XP 2100 (the fastest my mobo can handle). So the question is will the fan handle the job? Im sure I read somewhere that the thunderbird 1400 actually runs hotter than the XP 2100, if thats true I should be ok and save myself some bucks!!
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    What heatsink and fan do you have installed???

    Best guess at the mo....get a new one!

    My 1900+ runs at 36 DC with the thermalright slk 800 and an 80mm Delta...
  3. Nick M

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    I highly suggest that you get a new HSF, for the XP 2100. Since your OLD cpu runs at 54C, the new one will run a lot hotter.

    I think you should get a volcano 9. ( )
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    Mister Dead... check this out..

    the 2100+ will run cooler than your current t-bird. this is because the athlon xp's are thoroughbreds with newer architecture and less heat dissipation. i have the same processor as you, and it gets up to 50 with moderate cooling... my friend's 1700+ (1.47ghz) doesn't go above 45 and that's without any case fans and an extremely quiet fan on his cpu (albiet excellent heatsink, same as me).

    here's some hard proof:

    while the xp 2100+ puts out about 62.4 watts of heat, your current t-bird is putting out 73.5 watts. the heatsink you have now should be fine.