fan is making bad sectors on hdd??


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8 Feb 2004
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Ok, I am now throughly stumped. I noticed that my backup pc was running hot. Running fine for months. just a little warmer than i liked. So I shut down the pc. And cut a whole in the top cover of the case and installed an exhaust fan blowing out the top. Worked great. the only problem i have now. is that i am having disk errors or smthn. it boots, sometimes. but when i try to run any form of diagnostics. it just suddenly reboots. i have even tried to boot from cd and enter windows setup. i get a page error in an unpaged ared error. btw. this is windows 2000 we are talking about. i tried installing xp, same thing happened. i never touched the hd in my fan endeavour. i didnt touch anything else. i am sure of it. btw. the computer runs at 98 degrees now. so that cant be it either. I am thinking i need a new hard drive. What do you all think?
1) It's possible that teh fan was the proverbial straw that broke the power supply's back.
2) The fan may have absolutely nothing to do with your problems
3) You have to try to turn off auto rebooting
4) Your processor may already be fried (you never said what it was running at before you put the fan in, and it's generally accepted to report sys temps in celsius, if the cpu was at 98 celsius, kiss it goodbye.
5) Run memtest86
6) What the hell does this thread title have to do with the thread!?!?!?!
1) could be it is 6yrs old
2) reformatted the drive on this computer, now i am getting exemption errors on the other machine.
3)it was at 132 degrees farenheit now it is 98 degrees farenheit
4)memtest. cant do when system wont boot.
5)thead topic. just being stupid. if it wasnt for gates and his team of programmers. a lot of the issues wouldnt be here. I am just mad at windows.
I would say that the PSU cant handle the fan. Also have you ever blew the dust out? If not make sure you get all the dust around the CPU. Dust acts as an insulator and will make the CPU run hot if its not kept clean.
Yeah could be PSU can't handle the new fan or could be ram ... why not disconnet the new fan for a few and then try and test the ram?

* Edit * - 132°F => 55.56°C ... what kind of CPU is it?
ok, answers to your questions, #1, i am **** about dust, thus it is a clean system. #2, i took the fan off, same crap. i went and bout a new 512 stick of ram, same crap.
my only other thought is that the motherboard just happened to die. i cant even boot of cd and be able to install any amount of windows without an exemption error. Thanx for your help guys, but i think i am going to pawn this one off and sell it to computer renissance. Bwahahaha! It was just a pc that was a back up, my main is still good.

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