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Fan direction in your case.....


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not sure where to start this thread...

im not sure on how the fans for the back and side of the case should be poitning. right now they are pointing outward. is this correct?


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The fans in the rear should always be exhausting air from the case. I think the side fan would be more effective blowing air into the case, that way there's more turbulence around the MB to eliminate dead spots.


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Fans should be blowing air into the case from front and sides. And out from the rear through rear fan and PSU fan.

There are different opinions on the rear fan where it is the only fan installed. Some say it should point in to provide more cooling to the cpu, but this usually only helps to build up the heat inside the case more than getting rid of it.


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thats what i thought. i wanted to double check. i think my side is going out instead of in. thanks for your info!


The Voices Talk to Me
Well I have been experimenting with my case, as I have a 92mm front intake, and 80mm rear exaust and a 120mm top blowhole.

Now right off the bat you can tell that I am exausting more air than I am blowing in, so I am currently setup the front and rear fans to blow in with only the top blowhole as the exaust. But I have not really seen any differnece in my temps, but have noticed that my case is a little less dusty with the positive air pressure inside the case as opposed to negitive pressure.

So I really think it is a matter of case design, air volume, and air pressure. And as we all know that varies greatly between cases.

But I agree with ming, that that setup should be the starting point at least. But don't be afraid to experiment.


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Maveric169 said:
But don't be afraid to experiment.
I've stuck a (small) room fan to blow air into the case before. :p
Had to do it coz the fan on the GFX card stopped working and I didn't have the time to get a new one. hehe.


The One and Only
ming.... try not to jinx me. lol. got a new case and new video card beginning of the month or very end of december, and think the fan on my video card is kinda crappy, cause it makes the sound kinda like a wire bouncing off a case fan blade. still waiting to hear from either Leadtek, or the people i ordered the card from. don't want a $400 card to crap out on me.

As for the fan setup.... ya... what they said. front and side for intake, rear and top (if you have one) for exhaust. My case has a total of 5 fans. 2 92mm side intake, 1 92mm rear exhaust, 1 80mm front intake, and one 80mm top exhaust. That.... and the gaping hole in the side of my case where they have a fine mesh screen makes for quite nice airflow if i do say so myself.
ElementalDragon said:
got a new case and new video card beginning ofthe month or very end of december, and think the fan on my video cardis kinda crappy
For some reason they seem to always be crappy. Is it so hard to make adecent fan?? My gfx fan started being noicy the first week, but onlywhen I turn the computer on. Since it's always on, I haven't bothered.;)

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