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Family Guy "Shipoopi"


The One and Only
God was that episode funny or what? i freakin loved it..... well....
except for the part where Stewie kicked the crap outta brian for not paying off his bet..... but was still funny how Brian got his revenge

One question i have...... is there any way one of you could make me an mp3 of the Shipoopi scene in the episode, starting right when the music cuts in, and ending just before Peter says "yeeaaahhh..... i made a touchdown"? i wanna use that as a ringtone for my cell phone.


The One and Only
uuh.... apparently you might have to e-mail it to me, or put it in a .rar.... cause it doesn't allow me to download it. says it failed verification.
This has to be my favorite FG episode... well, except for the one where Peter starts the meeting for empowering fat guys (can't remember the name). That one had the best sound sequence of any animation ever. I'd like that for my ring tone...


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Hi There.

I am looking for that soundfile too. Would somebody be so kind an send it to me or load it up to an online portal like rapidshare or so?

U would save my life xD


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well, it's a 2 year old ressurection of the thread.. but, hey, if someone still wants it..
even though the original was called "Cherry Chocolate Rain", and was basically an advertisement for Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper..... which actually is pretty good.

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