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Fallout 3!


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It seems that Bethesda Softworks, creators of another great RPG ... Morrowind will be developing Fallout 3! This is truely a great day in gaming. The Fallout series has been one of my favorite RPGs alongside Baldur' Gate. Thank the gods for this.

Fallout 3 will be developed by Bethesda along with the next chapter of The Elder Scrolls, both under the direction of Todd Howard, executive producer of The Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind won every national and international award of note in 2002, including Game of the Year and RPG of the Year, and is one of the best-selling games ever released on Xbox.

"We are overjoyed," said Howard. "Fallout is one of my favorite games, and we plan to develop a visually stunning and original game for Fallout 3 with all the hallmarks of a great RPG: player choice, engaging story, and non-linearity."

Future announcements about the release of Fallout 3 will be made as work on the title progresses.
Source: http://www.bethsoft.com/news/pressrelease_071004.htm
You just made my day!! Fallout is universally agreed to be one of the best RPGs in history, and who am I to argue with universal agreement?


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Really? Thats Great news!

Problem is, will it be all morrowind ish or will it be classic Black Isle Isometric view? I really liked Morrowind but Fallout would lose its effect if completely 3Dised


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It's not going to turn into Morrowind. It's going to be Fallout. It'd be a shame if they went away from the tried and proven gameplay of Fallout.

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