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Fallout 3 Teaser Trailer Released


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Today Bethesda released the official teaser trailer for Fallout 3! A lot of people have been skeptical if Beth is capable of doing the fallout series justice, personally I gave them the benefit of the doubt and was just grateful that we would get another fallout game. Based on this teaser, I would say that everything is going to be just fine....




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Well, its a teaser... but I would say they captured the essence of Fallout just fine. I think Bethesda has made it clear without actually saying it that the game will be nothing like Oblivion in terms of style.

But who really knows at this point. We have until Fall 2008 till we know for sure.
Yeah, after watching it, it appears that they have the Fallout world down accurately. I'm sure there are groups of people that will get upset about the more angular and less cartoony world, but I certainly won't be among them.


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Pretty much all the forums (NMA, DaC, Bethsoft Official) all have people who love it, and the ridiculously stubborn Fallout Fans who wont like it unless its exactly what they want.

To me, its promising I will withhold any real judgments until we know the mechanics and see some in game footage. I do NOT want a FP PoV, and I want them to keep the SPECIAL system. But I unlike a lot of people I'm willing to make compromises. I would settle for a KotOR style third person if its not overhead. Turn base as a options at least is required as well.... and have it be polished as much as RT if they go that route primarily. I could go on and on, hopefully we will get some more specific details in the next couple months, E3 after all is just around the corner.


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Never played the first few Fallouts, but I must say I will be playing the 3rd. The teaser was spectacular looking.


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If you appreciate a great story and fun gameplay and aren't one of those "Teh grafix sux" people then you should check them out, great series.
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