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FairUse Wizard 2.8 Free Limited time


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I thought I would pass along this great deal. thanks to Download Squad for this one. :) w00t!

FairUse Wizard has been one of our favorite DVD archiving applications for a long time. The application makes ripping DVDs almost as easy as ripping CDs. You just pop in a disc, decide where to save it, and FairUse Wizard will do all the heavy lifting, ripping and compressing your video using the DiVX, XViD, or H.264 codecs.

FairUse typically comes in two varieties. There's a free version that limits your target file size to 700MB. Long videos will look pretty good, but not as good as they could at that file size. Or you can shell out a few bucks for the full version which has no file size limits.

But for a limited time, the full version of FairUse Wizard 2.8 is available as a free download. The latest version of FairUse Wizard includes a handful of bug fixes and a few new features including pre-defined encoding profiles for iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, and other devices. FairUse Wizard 2.8 also adds the ability to auto-detect multiple episodes on DVDs with television shows.
link to site

please note:

By the way, the free full version contains an adware "toolbar". Author claims the toolbar is an optional addin during setup and nothing will get installed if the checkbox is properly set. The adware allows the full version to be free. but after install of FairUse, you are asked if you wish to install the toolbar. Just say no: FairUse is in, toolbar is out.

I guess thats how that were able to pay for it to be free for this limited time. just make sure to "unckeck the toolbar" I ran a system scan after and its all good. I do not endorse any crapware. this is a good deal though. :) still full version
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I found this today and downloaded it right away. I am not using it though.

If I don't install it now will I be able to have it free later on?


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Thanks for the link chastity.

Unfortunately the mirror links to the free version that puts limits on file size.

If anyone was able to grab the installation to the full free version, lemme know :)

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