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a freinds computer was running 98se just fine. (pent celeron 533mhz, 64 ram, 20 gig hdd, hewlett parckard) i kicked the ram up to 256. worked fine for hours. i then installed xp pro(full install, not upgrade). worked fine for one day then it started. second day of xp modem (56k) quit. not recognized not in device manager. also on day 2 of xp the sound card quit, makes a screaching noise on boot, then nothing, same as modem. re-installed xp, no good, still had non-working hardware. formatted. re-installed 98 se, didn't do any good either. now, a few weeks later the burner wont burn anything. it freezes the computer. it can read unfinished cds, but cant burn. also the computer doesn't recognize the nic anymore. i tried all the newest drivers from each manufacturer of the hardware, still no good. checked bios everything looked fine. re-installed 98 AGAIN and still no good. the 98se format/install is from HP recovery cd. the xp install is just a regular full install cd. i'm thinking hardware problem, like the mobo. any other ideas out there?:huh:
A dodgy stick of ram can cause alsorts of different errors and stupid hardware errors.

I would try another stick or try it in another machine..

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