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FABLE.... Help

i just got done saving my mom in it, and now im facing that monster like creature from Nightmare Creatures, i keep hitting the eye thing, when it comes at me, but nothing is happening... who knows how to beat him?!?!
I just get locked (targeted) onto the tenticles and hold down my draw arrow button to "charge it up". While I am targeted in on the tenticles, I just kept moving to the right ( or left, which ever you perfer) to dodge the tenticles from attacking you. After you kill one tenticle, target in on another. When they are all gone, just the head will remain.

If you look on the top of the tenticles, you will see white circles, if you hit that, it dies. If you have the skorm bow, it only takes maybe two arrows.

Edit: you hit the head just like any other enemy, but you must take out the tenticles first.
ok thanks i got past all that part, but im like stuck i have barley any health and one life, and i cant leave and restart the mission, and i get like 5 hits away from winning, if you know a helpful way of dodging the "head" when it comes up the second time please tell me.
I have a new problem, lol i just can never find the way of winning against the big bosses, its Jack Of Blades, i cant hit him with arrows, and i can hardly hit him with a sword, and i dont have much will power at all. I have like one and a half lifes, and i cant get out of the Guild so what do i do now, like are their weaknesses to him ?!?!
Keep tossing arrows at him, some will hit. He has a hard time with the arrows you "charge up".

Just out of curiosity, what kind of character did you build? You were putting points into health and toughness weren't you?!

If worse comes to worse, you can zap him with the lightning, just go back a save and buy a crap load of blue potions.

I played through three times, each doing a different character ( sword guy, archer, and magic user) and all three times he was pretty easy. Once you get him to half health he is done. Rocks will spawn around him that you can hid behind and just shoot him at will.

Be it as it may, you're gonna take a beating from him. But with health and toughness maxed on my characters, I didn't even use a rez vial with him.
i cant leave and save it or anythign like that, and i dont have enough stats to put up my strength and that, but its like at 6 and the health and everything is at 6 too. but my guy is like 55 and he has never turned evil, is that just because i dont have enough "evil points?"

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