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F**ked up Windows help quick!

ok heres the thing. i was replacing a shell32 with on ei made but windows said it was un supported so it wouldnt boot up. so i did a repair install and now the computer boots fine now but during the repair i skiped putting user accounts becasue i figured they would be there. so now i can see me and my brothers folders in documents and setting but there are no users in the control panel and user log in. ohh please help me.
Rename the folders in D&S for the time being. Recreate the accounts you want. Log in as each. Then log back in as administrator and do this...

Right click on My Computer
Advanced Tab
User Profiles Settings button
Select the name of an old profile and click "Copy To"
enter the path of the new profile that was created.

Do that for each. That should get you back your old profiles.

Good Luck buddy!
ok heres what i did so far. i renamed one of the folders in d&s i coudlnt change the other one because he had a password on his account and it says access is denied, so i renamed my folder and created a new Mike acount. what do you mean by "old profile". maybe my thinking is a little shot because i need the info back on those accounts and in kinda desperate.


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