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Feb 15, 2005
Hey guys I have cleared out the entire level entitled "Unauthorized Personel"

I killed the cannons, and followed the fat guy until I saw him get stuck in the ventilation shaft, now I can go no further, I have gone up down, and sideways, I spent over two hours retracing my steps, clearing out all of the ventilation shafts etc...

I dont know if maybe I missed something. I dont really care... anyway... I can not get any further and I am looking for a cheat page with spoilers that shows me what to do and how to pass this section...

I know this takes the mystery out, but I have no choice, at least with other games like unreal when you ran out of time, it reset the level...

One thing of note, I did find a ventilation shaft which has its exit blocked by some boxes, I even tried shooting them with the rocket launcher, and almost killed myself in the process but they did not move...

as always reps plus to anyone who posts who helps me get passed this level..

Mike A


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Feb 15, 2005
Well... I hate to say it but I think somehow my game got FOOKED up...


I know the room he is speaking of, but never found the activate button, I will double check when I get home, but I had already gotten the extra rockets, so I am pretty sure I passed by the activate button he is reffering too...

Reps + regardless... This guide was MUCH more helpful than the one I found last night...

I will re-post this afternoon once I know if this worked or not...

Mike A!

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