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The Analog Kid
Heres my prob. I have had XP for about 3 mos. Started with clean install. No probs with CD creator after I downloaded the updates. Three days ago, I did another clean install. Installed CD creator the way I had before. My setup is still the same. Now whenever I burn a music cd, it fails due to a buffer underrun error. Anyone have any ideas. Think I might reinstall cd creator this afternoon and see what happens. I was thinking maybe it could be aspi layer related, but then why did it work before and also, data cd's appear to be fine. I know some of you fine people out there will have some good ideas.


did u enable dma on the controllers. if it is dot enabled u will gt buffer underruns. it is under system properties, hardware, device manager, ida/ata controllers


yeah nero is like 100x better than easy cd. also u can download a trial of it. fully working copy for 30 days and if you do not want to pay for it then this is the serial number:


then its all urs free


The Analog Kid
hey, thanks so much. You are awesome. Just when I think there aren';t any cool people left out there, someone comes along and suprises me....


Originally posted by Tbird94sc
try nero burning rom. easy cd creator is horrible

I second that!!! I had ez creator from ver3 to 5 and loved it.
Then I went to winxp and a newer burner and creator 5 w/all the updates and patchs would not work for s@@t.Went with Nero
No more problems.


OSNN Senior Addict
Tbird94sc...not to be a stick in the mud, but next time pm people with serialz or crackz...seen to many forums getting shut down for piracy...you would have a whole lot of people hunting you down to beat your ass if this was shut down so just PM with that stuff alrighty:D and regarding the ECDC did you install the update and then install the xp patch again...this will usually fix that


The Analog Kid
Yeah, I did that, didn't seem to work this time around

As I said, I will try it again, then I might give Nero a whirl

BTW, I know this may sound stupid, but I remember a long time ago, burning programs couldn't co-exist on the same system (something about packet writing or something). Is this still true? Or is it okay to have, say, Creator, Nero, CloneCD etc all installed at the same time?

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