Extremely odd CRC issues and beeping/chirping noises


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7 Jan 2004
A few days ago I began getting CRC corrupt file errors when trying to extract RAR files. I would redownload them over and over again and noticed something strange. Files were sometimes showing as corrupt, and sometimes not, before any resuming was done on them. So I decided to run the files through SFV checking. I'd run the check and it would say files 2 and 3 are bad. I would run it again immediately and this time it will say files 6 and 11 are bad. Run it again, now no files are bad. This goes on and on with all my files. I have heard intermittent beeps and chirps coming from the PC case while extracting but have been as of yet unable to isolate it to a specific component.

I wonder if anyone has some tips on which component is most likely to cause this. What came to my mind first was RAM, but I ran memtest extensively and it got no errors. The other things are HDD and CPU. I do have my E6600 overclocked to 3 GHz but temps are fine. I'm going to drop back to stock speeds and start testing on another HDD. Oh yea and the other day my screen went black for a few seconds and when it came back it was like 640x480 and it said nv_disp.dll encountered an error or stopped functioning or something, and I had to hard reboot. Real nice. Also a few days I got a stream error while listening to a FLAC i listen to a lot (it was not being streamed from the net.) I just replayed it and it was fine. In 15 years I have never experienced anything remotely like this. It sucks.

Here's my current theory. I have 6 HDDs, and I think the C drive (a dedicated drive for Windows) is failing, and the fuxed page file is causing all sorts of odd errors. Whaddaya think? This theory is further supported by the fact that I turned my PC on last week and the C drive would spin up really loud and click indefinitely and it was not being detected by the BIOS. I took it out of the case, shook it (I could hear something rolling around in there, yikes) and hooked it back up and it was working fine, or so I thought. I resolved never to buy anything other than Seagate a couple years ago but unfortunately my C drive predates that decision, it's a WD SATA drive. Given that evidence it sounds like an easy call to make, and I know it's really stupid to continue to use that drive but I copied all the critical data off it and I've been playing Crysis for hours on end with not so much as a hiccup. This is so weird.


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5 Dec 2001
Replace the hard drive, and don't buy WD anymore! (I have had so many problems with WD, all I tend to buy now is Seagate)


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26 Apr 2004
just out of curiosity, what kind of power supply do you have in there driving those 6 drives?
All those drives, an 8800GTS, and an overclocked dual core, just wondering if some of your issues might be have a root cause related to power issues.


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25 Aug 2004
I had this issue on my old mobo(which had major chipset issues)when trying to install a game, I jumped over to safe mode and it installed just fine. You might want to give it a try just to see if it is a driver issue

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