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Extra money..


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I don't know if this has been asked, or how many times, or even if I have asked it before...but I don't care...I'm asking anyways...

What's a good/fast/easy way to make extra money?


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True, but you have to start somewhere. Maybe try doing some pro-bono or really cheap work to build experience and a portfolio.


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I was trying that, people just would rather pros, then a 17 year old you know...I am doing a graphic for expose, for a contest, since it is for the school, but If I win its $500, but I'm talking about extra money, not maybe get lol


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I have plans for graphic design, and such....by the end of june...but I need some money right now.. So I'm asking for simple ways or something, cause I don't have all the time in the world since I still have school.


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wow, thats funny, I'm surprised it too someone that long to say "get a part time job", i hate them lol.....I wasen't really expecting someone to come along and be like oh yea that could work, guess I just wanted to see what you'd guys would say.



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B, as two users posted above, there are others here looking for graphic designers. Give it a go. See what you can do.

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Bman™ said:
i was expecting that one...come on seriously
OK, a word that has 3 letters :D The first is j, the second is o, and the third is b :D

Another possibility would be the stock market. Albeit 1. it takes money to invest, 2. it's risky, and 3. one could stand to lose as well as gain if one isn't careful playing it... The j-o-b, would be a safer bet ;)

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It's like complaining about why there can't be more than 24 hours in a day, or why can't summer be all year round.
Well, if we had long enough, that would be possible:


The secular change in the planet's rotation is a classical topic in geophysics. It goes back some 300 years to when Sir Edmond Halley first hypothesized that the moon was accelerating in its orbit. Most of Halley's lunar acceleration was only apparent. It was actually the earth's rotation slowing down, making the moon appear to accelerate. The moon does accelerate (strictly, it decelerates), but the larger effect is the earth's rotational braking. This braking is caused by tidal friction. Throughout the earth's history tidal braking has played, and it will continue to play, a dominant role in the rotation. Currently the secular change in the rotation rate increases the length of day by some 2.3 milliseconds per day per century.
In fact, that the Earth's rotation has been slowing, that the earthquake/tsunami that hit the Indian ocean sometime back might have resulted in a 3 milisecond speed up in the Earth's rotation might not seem so bizzare, as we know this isn't a constant. There are already forces slowing it down. I've seen estimates suggesting the Earth day 300+ million years ago was anywhere from 18 to 22.6 hours long... That said, we won't be around when the day == 25 hours long :D
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How bout street corner hot chocolate stand? Garage/yard/porch sale? Baby/pet sitting? Dogwalking service? Ebay(though you'd need someone over 18 to set up and let you use an account)? ummm that's the only ideas I can think of

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