External Video Card?


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So at the last LAN party last month, I saw something quite interesting and today I have been looking for it on the net just to see how much it would cost.
What I saw was a video card connected to a small chip which was placed to some USB adapter device. It was powered by a 400W power supply and the PSU was only being used for the video card. The USB Adapter was then placed into the laptop and the DVI port on the video card was placed on an external monitor. I thought it was interesting.
The problem was that I don't know what the heck the chip itself was called. I just remember it was a PCI-E x16 slot. It seemed to run Team Fortress 2 very well for being external and run through a USB 2.0 connection for the video.

Anyone know what this is about and point me in the right direction to get this?


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yes and no.
What I mean as an example since I don't remember which video card it was:
an Nvidia GTS 450 + 400 W PSU Connected to a laptop and a large monitor.

I'm pretty sure the board looked similar to one of those Riser cards.


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The place that I used to work had devices by Cinemassive that allowed triple display from a laptop. This was accomplished using an external box that housed a standard dual display video card and connected to the laptop via PCMCIA. This was before USB devices started to hit the market. The software used looked like it was built on Ultramon.

I also found this thread: http://www.osnn.net/graphics-cards/100100-msi-graphics-upgrade-solution.html


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:/ sorry I couldn't be more clear about the description. I'm hoping the next LAN that will be towards beginning of December I can take a picture of it and post it and ask what all the devices are that he got to make it work.


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I suppose it could be it, but still not exactly what I'm talking about unless the entire concept is the same as what I mentioned.


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the problem was that I did talk with him, just didn't remember the specifics like I think he mentioned the adapter was something like $60.
Last LAN, he wasn't there (probably because of finals or something) but I hope to see him in the next LAN

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