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15 Feb 2007
Hello there people. My friend recently recommmended I used this forum as I have come across a problem.
Basically I want to install Windows XP (Currently using vista) but my internal cd drive died in my laptop, so I have bought an external USB DVD drive. It works fine in Windows, the only problem is I that my bios does not recognise it (yes my bios does support booting off USB devices) so I cannot boot off my windows installation cd. Is there anyway I can create some kind of floppy boot disk or boot off a USB pen drive to install the necessary driver for my external DVD so I can boot from it.
Any help would be great. Cheers
How to increase RAM of a computer using a pen drive? i have a desktop computer with a RAM of 256mb.now i have a pen drive of 4gb.with this can i increase the RAM of my system.i am using windows XP.
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No, it will not increase the ram of your computer.

This will act as a storage drive for your computer, but definitely not ram. Only on a Windows Vista system will you be able to use a flash drive like it's ram, but that only works with certain flash drives.
and.... why respond to a post that's spam.... or if not spam, completely irrelevant to the topic at hand 2 years ago?
Because if it's a person that is in crucial need of assistance, then I could provide the needed help for them in a timely fashion.

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