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External Harddrive No Comprende?


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Hey guys,

I bought a 250gb maxtor harddrive today along with an external harddrive enclosure and I can't seem to get it to be recognized by my laptop.

I'm not sure what it could be. Does anyone have an ideas?
Arggh you posted while I was posting.

Right click on my computer, click manage, click disk management, first format the new drive and then partition it.

It will appear as another disk on the system with all the usual options. I just checked it with my external HD.
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Debiant by way of Ubuntu
pardonme bumping onto this one - but I have tried to follow exactly this path with a new drive and enclosure - no joy the format is greyed out - there is an option to "convert to dynamic disc" which i tried - but that does not go through either (I had hoped that if I did that I could then format it). Is this something simple like the run as admin thing? I sure hope so, I am getting sick and tired of frigging with it!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
My bad - was obviously a return (GRRrrrr) had to delete a number of partitions including a MBR one then reformat... this was sold to me through Amazon as new boxed! I am not happy - though I am passing the drive along to someone in a caddy I had offered them informal 6 month warranty in confidence that this would be safe - now with an RMA's HD I feel vaguely concerned.....
Run a burn in on it and also see what SMART has to say. If it passes both I would not be worried. Most returns seem ot be operator error.

On the other hand I hope you got a good price since it was used.

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