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External Drive tool


Striking Master
I need a tool of some sort for my external drive. When I use my external drive on the computers at my school, it seems that the school systems want to think my drive belongs to the administrator access on the system. In basic translation:

  • I have no over-write privilege
  • I have no deleting privilege
  • I have writing privilege to the drive of new files while on the school computer.

So I need to know if there is some program I can put on my hard drive that is similar to those other external drives/flash drives that have them like the U3 program and such.


Striking Master
Hmm I see that it will cost some money to get the full versions of either unless the free one on mojopac will work with the issue I have at the school.


Striking Master
Well I tried out the limited version of Mojopac. I got to the school today and it just told me I am on limited access and I need an admin account to utilize it.

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