External ADSL modem and Windows

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kensiko, Mar 13, 2004.

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    I know that everybody who got this configuration have the same annoying problem of 20 seconds wait on booting. That happens because Windows is searching for a connection to the internet, but on an ADSL connection you need a login and password, and Windows don't connect before booting. So it's searching for 20 seconds until it understand that there is no connection to the internet. I'm a little bit tired of that, even if I could just turn off the modem and let windows boot. Isn't there a way to keep windows from searching for this connection or a way to auto-login before the end of boot ?

    Thanks !
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    is it an USD ADSL modem??
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    I have no wait on boot, never did in the last 5 years of using an ADSL external modem with 98, 2000, or XP.

    ADSL is advertised as "always connected". Leave the modem on all the time.

    I also do not have to enter userid and password. If you do then it is your particular ISP's choice. Ask them if you can have login disabled if it is a nuisance.

    At worst put a router between the modem and the PC and leave that on along with the modem. The Router will appear as an active conenction to your ISP so they should never kill your connection. Most routers can also be set up to give the userid and password to the ISP so the PC doesn't have to.

    You might also want to consider not using your ISP's provided software. It is just another source of spyware. You don't need it. All I use are IE, Netscape, Eudor and Outlook (I have diferent ones set up for different functions if you r wondering why 2 of everything).
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    The modem is assigning an IP address to the computer when it boots hence the delay. One thing you can do is manually assign your ISP's DNS servers in the TCP properties, which may or may not decrease the delay at boot. Also, if you are a standalone PC you should disable the Workstation and Server services as they are not needed and can cause boot time delays.