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1 Jun 2005
Is it possible to run an application in Full Screen mode in a 2nd moniter? (IE If I wanted to run Guild Wars, Run it on the 2nd screen instead of the main moniter using Full Screen 1024x768 mode)
As long as your graphix card supports dual monitors it shouldn't be a problem. You may have to open it in a window first if you can and move it across though. After that it should always open on the second screen.
I just tried it and had no luck. It full screens to my main moniter and leaves it blank on the 2nd moniter.
You will want to clone your monitors.
From ATI help menu. If you have Nvidia you should be able to find something similar.

Enable Clone Mode

If the secondary device is disabled:

Click Displays Manager in Advanced View.
Click and drag the display device icon in Additional Displays to the empty box to the right of the Main box.
Click Clone Main with CRT in the pop-up menu.
If the secondary display is enabled:

Right click the display device icon in Desktop 2 when in Extended mode, Rightmost when in Stretch Horizontal mode, or Lower in Stretch Vertical mode.
Click Clone Main with CRT.
Click Yes to the Displays Manager Notification dialog.
I am trying to follow but didn't quite get it...
Here it is:
I'm using my HP Pavilion laptop (L2005cu) to do use multiple moniters. the card is an ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M and I'm using the Omega Drivers.
Maybe that will help with my problem?
Windows will not support a cloned monitor on Omega Drivers. You will need to uninstall the Omega and install ATI drivers. Sorry, I didn't know you were using Omega Drivers, I have the same problem, and wish that I could. But the 5.7's seem like very good drivers from ATI, and using ATITOOL I was able to reach the same scores as I was previously with Omega Drivers and Radlinker.
Ok, I did as you said and it all worked. The only problem is that my laptop is displaying the moniter as a widescreen. Any solution? Thx ahead of time
Force attributes from your primary monitor (lappie) onto your secondary monitor. It looks like crap for me on a TV, except visualisations, movies, and games.

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