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Exporting Outlook Distribution List - Help!


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Hi guys,

I'm got a huge list of contacts in Outlook, a number of which I have assigned to a distribution list. Now, a collegue of mine wants to me to send him this distribution list, with all the contacts' email addresses and phone/fax numbers. However, every time I try to "save as" Outlook Message format, or indeed any other kind of format, it only saves the list with the email addresses, not the fax and phone numbers. Is there any way I can send this distribution list over with all the details he needs?

Reps for anyone that can help! Thanks.


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I would think the best way to do that is to send him the Distribution List, and at the same time export the individual contacts associated with it, thus pulling all their information, into a .CSV file.

Have him import both, should do the trick.


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Well send him the Distribution list as normal, and then what you want to do is select the contacts individually by CTRL + Clicking on them - go to File, Import/Export - Export to a File, select .CSV and then bam.

Then, have him import :)


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Well Distribution Lists are mostly for e-mail, unfortunately that is the only information it pulls when you export them. There may be an easier way, but I'm not sure how :eek:

Logically, you can't send a fax or call the whole distribution list through Outlook :D

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