Export Favourites to ie6


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While i have imported favourites to msn explorer,i can,t seem to get them back to IE 6.

I,m getting fed up with msn explorer errors and would like to bin the whole thing and go back to IE 6 with my favourites.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks for that Tom,

Importing the bookmarks into IE6 is not the problem, the problem is exporting them from MSN, has anyone found a way of exporting the favorites files from MSN for use elsewhere?)

In my case MSN explorer to IE6

Its like once your hooked,thats it.


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try this
MSN Explorer users can find the bookmark file (favorites.xml) on their local drive (mostly the C-drive) in the directory "\Documents and Settings\{Username}\Application Data\MSN6\UserData\{UID}
On some Windows version like XP, the file is completely hidden. You can then copy the MSN Explorer file to your "My Documents" folder by issuing the following commands in a command shell:
pushd %USERPROFILE%\App*\MSN6\Us*\{*
copy favorites.xml "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents"


[font=Verdana,Arial,Times New I2]If you are using XP for example the Favorites file is located in the following folder. [/font] [font=Verdana,Arial,Times New I2]C:\Documents and Settings\(YOUR XP USER ACCT)\Application Data\MSN6\UserData\(THE REGISTRY KEY TO YOU MSN ACCT) [/font]

[font=Verdana,Arial,Times New I2]The File Name is favorites.xml [/font]

[font=Verdana,Arial,Times New I2]if you can load and convert the XML file to a standard file to import in to IE or any other browser than you will be able to bring them in to that program. [/font]

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