Export cPanel mailboxes and aliases to SQL


2 Feb 2004
I just finished hacking up a CLI PHP script to take domains, mailboxes and aliases/forwarders from a cPanel machine and dump the details in to a SQL file for import in to a MySQL database.

I do some "post processing" on the data to fit what I personally may need if I ever come to convert the cPanel machine this was tested on over to a custom postfix setup.

If you use this yourself you should be aware of the following points:

1. This was tested against cPanel 11.24.5-C39633 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9 on FreeBSD 7.2
2. I provide this AS IS with no guarantees of any kind nor any support.
3. I'm not the worlds best PHP coder, the code could probably be better, you can do that yourself if you want.
4. If you improve on this in any way, post your updates as an attachment here so that myself and others can take advantage of your improvements on my work.


Edit: Since the attachement has 0 views I'm assuming the forum wants you to be registered to download it. Here's a download link to save you the bother: http://redmeteor.net/osnn/cpanel_mail_to_sql.zip


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