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explorer using all cpu



Last night i was just managing some of my files when my cpu usage jumped to 100%, i waited a while before checking what was taking up it all: it was explorer (EXPLORER.EXE) which according to tsak manager is using 99%. I shut off my computer and restarted, after a few minutes same problem again. I closed all my programs and open windows... but it still wouldn't go away... i shut down explorer then reloaded it, but it came back after a minute or two. I just turned it on again and i have the same problem. Any one have any ideas as to what's going on? (and i've done a thorough scan of my system with nortonAV)


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Something that might help you track it down, just in case it is not explorer causing it , is a program called EndItAll2. It is fairly basic but have a bit of a look at it first as it is powerful. When you open it you will see programs locked with padlocks. Leave those alone. When the cpu goes up to 100% open enditall & select 'kill'. If the problem goes away then it is not explorer but rather something else that has just been turned off. Reboot & do the same thing one at a time till you find it.


i did a little more searching and i think the problem might be arrising from my multimedia stuff (when i was shuffling stuff, alot was movies music etc.) I saw some registry fix that i'll give a try when i get home, hopefully it'll work.

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