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Explorer issues, machine seems incredibly slow


Somewhat eXPerienced
I am going to try and explain this issue to the best of my ability. I believe that the explorer process on one of the computers I work on is defective. I cannot explain how or why, I don't believe anything has really changed on the computer, and there doesn't appear to be any processes slowing the machine down. The machine is extremely slow when it comes to typical response times, navigating to other folders, opening up reports, etc.

The overall performance of the machine is slow. There are many other machines like it that do not suffer from the same problem. The machine is a 2.7GHz Proc, 256mb memory (I know this could be seen as an issue). However, I don't believe that the lack of memory is the cause of the issue. Overall navigation and browsing is incredibly slow. I was initially trying to troubleshoot an issue involving the opening of police reports, but while installing it the machine itself was extremely slow. There is also no antivirus on this machine, no processes are taking up proc usage, nor memory. The highest memory hog is Explorer at 16mb while working on reports.

What do you recommend I do to try and resolve this issue?


Somewhat eXPerienced
I just ran Memtest86 for about 2 hours, and absolutely 0 errors appeared in the log... I think it's safe to say that we can rule out the memory.

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