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Explorer Hanging



I use my laptop on two different networks, one at home and one at work. For this I have set up two profiles so I can have different drive mappings and proxy information. I have seven drives mapped on one profile and eight on the other.

When at home everything works fine, but at work whenever I try and access a drive Explorer hangs. I can try accessing a local or network drive with the same result. The only way out of this is to end the task which then takes most of Windows with it and I have to reboot. Everything else on the machine runs fine, IE, ICQ, Yahoo, etc.

I only installed XP on Tuesday, yesterday I saw the problem for the first time and tried a few things. I made sure I had the latest BIOS and drivers for my machine, I also checked the Windows Update site and downloaded everything that was recommended. None of this worked so I ended up making a new profile, this worked fine yesterday but I've come in this morning and have the same problem as yesterday morning.

I'm wondering if this has something to do with the network at work not liking XP machines, but can networks really be this fussy? I'm also going to make yet another profile and not map any drives with it to see if that makes a difference.

I really do want the drives to be mapped and I was about to dump XP and install 2K, but I've really got to like XP in just a couple of days and would like to keep it so any help is much appreciated.





You using any type of VPN software? That's the only thing that I would think of, but then again, you said you had it working after the fact for a morning. So perhaps there isn't any VPN? Weird.

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