explorer.exe High Mem Usage???


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9 Jul 2002
Dont think its Normal that it should be this High :eek:

Anything i can do or try to make it lower???

AVG Anti Virus

Only Programs Runnin if thats any help

Restarted and still goes up has High every time aswel


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At my computer ( 1300MB ram ) That's normal, it has always bin that way when i had multiple explorers open
mine's only 14,000, that does seem dam high
Yes checked on other PC and that was only 13.000

Gona Scan it all later
mine runs about 40mb, but has been that high on lots of occasions, mine shrinks in size as unused stuff is paged to disk.
just looked, an hour has passed since i checked, now it's 52mb :)
Mine is currently 5.8 mb's i just do a logoff or a reboot, it always gets high if i leave it on for long periods of time
from the screen shot that you gave us, there is alot more running in the backround than you think. there may be spyware taking all the jouce form your computer. run Spybot or adaware on ytour computer. and see what happens
mine is using 33,444, but have my explorer.exe to open new folders and such in the same process, it means if one ****s up they all die, but it keeps my icons properly and to be honest it doesnt die all that often

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