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explorer.exe crash =[


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windows xp pro sp2

i have a huge problem i have no clue what i did but one day after school i turn on my computer and try to get into my computer and my explorer crashes
after i try going into my computer first my taskbar and desktop freezes then after waiting a couple of seconds i get this message
DrWatson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
then i have to press alt ctrl del to close drwtsn32.exe and then my explorer comes back but with the same problem
right now i can't access my control panel i could access my programs and stuff and i'm using maxthon for webbrowsing and i could access my C:\ from there so i know it's still there but i tryed everything spyware scanning virus scanning online virus scanning and nothing is working i tryed sfc /scannow system restore nothing works and if no one could find a solution i'm going to reformat but i really don't want to lose all my data it's really important and plus really annoying to reinstall everything =\
thanks in advance guys


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i had sp2 for awhile now and i already tryed disabling drwatson but after i did that when i try to get into my computer this error message pops up and says press ok to terminate and press cancel to debug when i press cancel drwatson popups again =[


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Did you actually disable Dr. Watson or just close it down? If it's disabled, then the debugger shouldn't be coming up.

I've also seen it suggested in this case to repair XP. This doesn't mean reformat, so you might want to try it. I guess you will need to slipstream SP2 into the XP installation though so that the repair does the SP2 files. If you haven't done that already, or don't know how to, there is one guide here.


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i juss did a repair install worked out fine except now the screen that says windows is starting up screen hangs for like 30 seconds to a minute anyone know how to fix that? i tryed googleing it and alot of results didn't come up i tryed using bootvis and that didn't work out too well


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It's been a long time since I've done it, but there's a way to view the post screen to see where in the bootup XP is hanging. You might look around for something along those lines if you haven't already. I'd look myself now, but I don't have time. :)


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OK, I'm going off memory here but I'll give it a try.

Bootup as if you were going to safe mode. When you're presented with the options, see if there is something along the lines of "step-by-step configuration." If it's there, select that method. From there you will watch the bootup process. See if there is something that hangs or takes longer to load than the others. If so, make note of it and post it here.


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By the way, you don't happen to have 2 different antivirus programs installed, do you? I've seen a combination of Norton and McAfee cause extremely slow boot times.

Another option I thought of:

1. Click the Start button, click Run, type MSCONFIG in the Open box and then click OK.
2. Click the Startup tab and uncheck all items EXCEPT:
3. Click OK. You should be prompted to REBOOT.
4. Allow your system to reboot

After troubleshooting, go back into msconfig, and then recheck the items in startup. You will need to put checks in one at a time to see if a certain process is affecting your boot time.

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