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Explorer crash while browsing My Network Places



Reinstalled XP last night. Never tried this before, but I guess it was there. Whenever I browse My Network Places and right click on anything, like Workgroup, Computer Name or even Service Name, Explorer crashes, with a notice that it has performed an error, etc, the standard application XP crash box, asking to send information to Microsoft, and apologizing for the inconvenience.

The network consists of 3 pcs, 2 wired, one wireless. This PC has 2 NICs, and all three go into the router D-Link 713p. All drivers are updated, all ips static, starting with on the router and ending on the on the wireless laptop. Laptop runs windows 98, 2 Desktops Windows XP Professional OEM.

All computers see each other fine, etc. So the only problem is explorer crashing on right click

Thanks for all who can provide any help. It's not really annoying, but was wondering why this happens and if there is any way to fix it.


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Try disconnecting each of the networked computers one by one to see if another PC is causing the problem. I would start with the wireless access point, and go on from there, and see if the problem disappears. Also remove any unneeded protocols like IPX/SPX/NWLink and NetBEUI



JJB6486...why is IPX/SPX/NWLink not needed?

Don't most games played over a LAN need it?



Nothing except TCP/IP is installed, so network protocol conflict is not the case, It happens when no PCs are in the lan either. Under any configuration I can right clik only on the shares, so I can map them, but I can't right click on any other Network Paces item, for example "Microsoft Terminal Services", or eorkgroup name (HOMENET).

Btw, did any of you try to right clik on anything except the share? Maybe you have the same problem.

Registry hack suggested by SAGMAN also does not work. Though it does speed up the browsing of the network.

Thanks for the try vippy, but that link points to the solution of the Messenger/Outlook problem. I don't use any of those :)

So if you are still reading this, try to right click on the workgroup name or a service name, or a workgroup member, and see if explorer crashes on any of you two.

It's not that bad, but simply weird, and I would love to find the solution either myself, or with your help

Thanks all.


I am having a very similare problem. I am running Build 2600 NON-activation corporate addition. I know a good deal about computers, but I cannot seem to solve this problem. Any Help out there?


Ok, I think I found the fix for it. At least it works. The problem was with the incorrect handling of the context menu by Kaspersky AVP. So, the right click on any of the netwrok places items was causing error.
The resolution was pretty simple - to remove the appropriate poitions from

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers and

Also, you might have something else pertaining to this, so I would suggest you look through all shellex\contextmenuhandlers, and think what to delete, and what not

Hope this helps Enforcer. Even if you don't use Kaspersky AVP, it might be something else from context menu. To verify this, simply uninstall anything that adds items to it.

Cheers, and thanks for all your help.

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