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explorer closes without wanting so




I have a little problem with my Windows Explorer. While using this tool for copy/move files from folder to folder it suddenly shut down. Then I have to restart the Explorer and my work begins new. This closing performs if I use one or two Explorer windows.

Does anyone know what is the reason for this strange behavior and much more important: How to bring WE back to normal life?



Hallo, neighbour, Herzlich Willkommen at NTFS.org. :D

Could be many reasons. Does it happen every time, you copy/move files or just now and then? Does it happen when moving large or many files at a time? Perhaps give some system specs, ram, pagefile settings, someone may have an idea what to do.



thanks for your welcome. Now I am a little bit nosy - if you say neighbour - are you also from MG?

Back to my problem: It is not easy to specify the moment of closing. Sometime you can move/copy a couple of files, even larger ones, sometimes it refuses to work after trying to copy one small file.
Usually you can work for a short time without problems, but when WE stopped for the first time you better start WinXP again because if not - often you can not move one file without WE closing itself.

I know, this is no good description, but there is no regularity.



be assured this was my first, no second, idea and I ran the repair option of WinXP. Unfortunately without success.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Only other thing I can think of to try is a repair of xp. Put the xp cd in & boot up. Follow the screen to the repair area. I think it just basically install windows again.


Hi Hipster,

thanks for your answer.

I ran this repair option already. Unfortunately there is no change in Explorers misbehaviour. So I am sure that all files are not corrupted. Maybe there are just some "minor" changes in the registry.

Do you or anybody know a little bit about the registry? I have no idea where to search.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
G'day Laire. Grasping at straws here.
Just noticed from your original post that you said you used a tool to copy/move files. Did you mean right click & dragging or was it an actual program? If the latter remove it & use right click dragging. See how that goes.

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