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Explain your username.


Electronica Addict
Political User
I think we had a thread like this a while ago, but we have a lot of new members. Okay, I'll start off.

The letter O represents my first name, and I'll let you guess what the 87 is for. ;)

Yes, I have the lamest, and most boring username ever.
pronounce mine like you are drunk and its a noise. thats where mine came from on other forums i'm know as Thwack which comes from the sound also

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
My friend, for some reason, called himself Lt. Commander Vince (we both like Star Trek), so to outrank him I started using Admiral Michael. I lke that usernameihehe.
I really have no idea where mine came from...or maybe I forgot now :p
Just popped into my head one day, and that was it...

It does sound like Knight Rider...that TV show from the 80s
I played a lot of FPS in college, and (not to toot my own horn or anything) thrashed the other guys on the college network. In my love of irony, I chose the most harmless name I could possibly think of ;)
I was signing up for a Yahoo email acount, and the example was UnleashedZero. I just thought that sounded kinda cool, but was too long for most things so I shortened it to Unleashed.


Mine is a combination of Leech and retard - I am known as leech in quite a few other boards I get a on and helped start .. I was signing up for an email account and was going to use "Leech the retard" but it was taken, so I shortened it .. It is pronounced "Lek-Tard" by the way :)

And No I will not tell you my real name ..


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
ummmmmm not sure why i chose mine.
i think it came about as 1 of hotmails alternative options when i tried 2 create an acount there ;) i liked it + so it stuck. it is loosly based around my real name Henry, and my gender (male :p )


I may actually be insane.
Originally posted by Henyman
/me gives speedy_b a poke
nothing to do with me, this is my first visit to the forums today.. I could find out who it is, , but i cant be arsed, because its good funny :p
(edit) I know who it is.. haha :D

Anyway, my name is an abbreviation of 'speedcore b*stard' because speedcore terrorist was taken... hmmmmm :confused: :D :p

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