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Okay my computer will boot 100%( when i say boot i mean to the bios screen and further) with the hard drive and cdrom plugged in...when every thing is out of its case.... you put in everything, screw everything in and it has power but the monitor seems to be in standby mode...fans turn but nothing comes up on screen... Whats the deal?:)... My computer looks ugly when its not in its pretty case;):)
Check that none of the circuitry on the m/b, hd, etc are touching the case.

I had a system once where one corner of the m/b was touching the case, as there was no support there for it. I had exactly the same symptoms.


My system will not boot if an IDE cable is connected to a device but the power plug is not plugged into the said device, maybe this is why.


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i would take everything out of the motherboard, for instance, if you have more then one memory mod, use only one, take any additional cards out, just leave the v/card in, also only plug in the monitor k/b and power plug and see if it works, if so, connect each additional part until you find the troublemaker.


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you better check the screw placements and make sure all line up totheholes. it is obvious something is shorting and this is killingthemotherboard. soon it will permantly be like that.

If everything is fine pull out all cables and cards and turn it on.

also some cases mount higher so you have to check that tyhe cards are all seated in 100%


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I was thinking just leaving the video card in and screwing in the mother board to the case along with the powersupply then booting it up and see if it works, then if it does add hardeware untill it stops working.... sound good?:)
metalhead152 said:
I was thinking just leaving the video card in andscrewing in the mother board to the case along with the powersupplythen booting it up and see if it works, then if it does add hardewareuntill it stops working.... sound good?:)
Yes, exactly that. Mobo, cpu, (minimal) memory, psu and video card from the start.
Don't want to question your abilities, but do you have the spacers for the motherboard and the case. They should be basically screw extensions that go into your case first, and then you screw the motherboard screws into those instead....


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i agree.. it sounds like something is definitly grounding out, i have had a similar problem with a bare wire touching the case casuing the computer to never boot randomly.. was a bitch to figure out that problem.

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