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I have an amd 1600+ and tried overclocking, now what?

Here are my Sandra scores/stats

1.52 GHz Stable so far
5544 mips
2239 mflops

RAM Int Buff aEMMX/aSSE 2126
RAM Float Buff aEMMX/aSSE 2011

FSB 144

What can I do better now?


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what kind of core is it? do the 1600+'s only come as palomino's? not sure. if so, you won't get much higher than you have already. it also depends on your board and memory, so try to list those. if those two items check out and aren't what's holding you back, you could probably get higher by increasing the core voltage of the processor. do this in tiny increments, though... as voltage directly affects heat output and can fry your processor.


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memory 1GB simple tech pc 2700
MSI kt3 Ultra2 via chipset

FSB 144
Stable @ 1.52GHz
Current temp is 35.5c

My CPU can go up by .o25 incraments
My DDR can go up by .1 incraments

how do I increase the core voltage, and by how much?


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first make sure your memory is running synchronously with the cpu (1:1 ratio). that means both at 133mhz (266mhz ddr for memory). if your memory is set to 167mhz (333, pc2700) then once you start to increase your fsb, the memory will likely be the first limiting factor since you're pushing it beyond it's rated speed. if you keep it at 266mhz, you will have a good amount of overhead so you know for sure the memory isn't limiting your overclocking.

if you just now corrected that, go and try moving your fsb up a little more (2mhz at a time, booting into windows, benchmakring) and see if you can get higher without a voltage increase.

once you find the limit, increase the cpu voltage by 1 increment (.025v) and try moving the fsb up again until you find it's new limit. and always watch your temps! basically keep doing this until a step up in voltage doesn't get you any farther with your fsb. then you've reached the cpu's actual limit and no amount of voltage is going to help it. at which point, you can look at your temps, stability, and the extra mhz you've gained and ask yourself, "is it worth it?"

very few people run their processors at their utmost limit (for stability and temperature reasons, mostly). don't mess with the ddr voltage since you're not overclocking your memory.

most of all, be careful and take small steps. i don't take any responsibility for burnt'd proc's. ;)


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Here are my settings from the bios
145 MHz host clock
configure SDRAM by SPD
SDRAM CAS # Latency 2.5

Now what?

CPU Core voltage is set to auto
AGP voltage auto

ROW Precharge 3T
RAS Pulse WIdth 6T
RAS to CAS Delay 3T
SDRAM Bank Interleave Disabled
SDRAM Burst Length 4QW
SDRAM 1T command Disabled
Fast Command Ultra
Spread Sprectrum Disabled


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You can try setting the bios ram to CL2.0 That cuts down wait delays and speeds the ram which helps everything. You may not get the 2.0 at the 145 clcok speed. A CL2.0 is worth more than the extra 12 mhz (145-133) on the clock speed.

To go much higher you need to unlock the multiplier on the palomino chips. You can only push FSB so far then your system stability gets bad or you could even fry an add on card. Unlocking a palomio is a pain and involves super glue, windshield defroster repair paste, scotch tape all veryyyy carefully applied under a magnifying glass using a tool the size of a pin tip.

www.tomshardware.com has detailed instructions.

You can ruin the chip doing this technique. Before you start make sure that your motherboard can adjust the multiplier (either in bios or by dip switch).

Now the worst news. The palomino core tops out at xp2100 (that's about 1720 mhz) most stop working at xp1900-2000 (1600-1666 mhz) so there is not much more room to increase over the 1532 mhz your post shows.

Watch the cpu temperature too. If you don't have anything to monitor it with already get a copy of sisoft sandra. Or look around in here there are other popular temperature monitoring tools. You want the CPU under 55 deg C doing the worst thing you do on your system (video game, massive file conversion, etc.).


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I reset my fsb to 133 (saved settings and rebooted), set the SDRAM CAS # Latency 2 and when I rebooted I got a blank screen on the monitor.

The core cpu voltage is set to 1.74 accotding to sandra. Temps stayed below 40c during all my experiments.

Should I leave the fsb to 133 and up the cpu voltage to 1.80?


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increasing the voltage alone won't give you any increase in speed whatsoever. it's merely an aid to help you get a higher limit on your processor (only if that's the limiting factor and not the motherboard or agp/pci cards). so once you increase your fsb and find you can't go any higher, increase your voltage a notch, and try increasing your fsb more after that.

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